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Emmerdale actress rushed to hospital after ‘really bad’ accident during dog walk

After a nasty fall during a dog walk this week, Gemma Oaten, a former Emmerdale star, was left bruised, wearing a sling, and suffering from an elbow fracture.

Gemma Oaten, a former Emmerdale star, informed fans that she was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday following a painful fall.

She informed her followers about the unanticipated event, saying that last night while walking her dog Ruby home, she “fell really badly” and had to go to A&E.

Gemma stated that doctors “discovered I’ve got some nice little chips of bone off my elbow and now I’ve a glamorous sling & a heap of painkillers” .

“What makes me share this? To put it simply, that’s life! The 39-year-old went on, “It has its ups and downs, but how you handle it is the game changer.”

The actress then posted a photo of her severely bruised arm to Instagram along with the caption, “News just in, it is a bl***y fracture,” and a face that looked like it was crying with laughter. “Lordy!”

Gemma said she was “so blessed” for the recent events in her life, despite the injury.

“I’m so grateful for the moments, the friendships & the support of all I’m striving for,” she continued, sharing a positive message. Above all, though, I’m proud of my response and of who I am.

“As the quote goes, ‘Our greatest glory is not in ever falling, but in rising every time we fall’.”

Gemma went on to say she felt “so positive and empowered” and that she was “grand”.

“I am incredibly happy with the honest, real, frank, and resilient woman I am growing into.

“Life is an adventure. Continue reading. You are important,” she said.

That evening, Gemma was back on a dog walk and appeared to be in high spirits after sharing her news.

The actress recorded her dog, who had a stick in his mouth, strolling down a street while laughing in the background.

Gemma said, raising her gaze to the camera, “You’re not bringing that home with us.”

That same evening, she shared her excitement for SEED’s upcoming Gala on her grid.

The organization helps people with eating disorders, like Gemma did when she was younger.

“Despite the recently fractured elbow & my baby girl having numerous tests, I have felt more motivated & determined than ever,” she wrote in a Lethry post.

“As I host the third SEED gala, my passion and purpose never falter.”

“My script is written, running orders & show is set & it’s now down to hard work, prep & the fire in my belly!”


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