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Emmerdale boss promises to resolve loose ends in Aaron and Liv story

After their heartbreaking breakup last year, producer Kate Brooks of Emmerdale vowed that the show would conclude Aaron Dingle and Liv Flaherty’s narrative.

Aaron believed Liv may have murdered his partner Ben Tucker when he bid the town farewell in December 2021.

After Aaron had been gone for a few weeks, the villagers learned that Meena Jutla, a serial killer, was really responsible for Ben’s demise. Liv, who had been imprisoned on suspicion of the crime, was freed.

Emmerdale executives said earlier this week that Aaron would make a brief comeback as part of the ITV soap’s 50th anniversary festivities.

In response to a question from Digital Spy about whether the Liv drama will be brought up again, Brooks said in an exclusive interview: “Aaron comes back to the program ostensibly to see Faith, but clearly there’s a lot of loose ends to tie up with Liv.

There is much to learn about the brother and sister interaction because they parted on fairly harsh terms.

“There’s a lot of juicy drama for Aaron to be embroiled in,” she continued, “especially when you include in the fact that his mum is having an affair with Al, who is greatly detested by the Dingle clan.”

Also anticipated is a connection between Aaron’s return and the continuing Sandra Flaherty plot. Recently, Liv’s mother came to the town under false pretenses, and she has been using Liv as a tool to further her own agenda.

In honor of Emmerdale’s 50th birthday in October, Tracy Metcalfe and Diane Sugden will make brief cameo appearances in special episodes.

Brooks recently stated in a speech: “They’ll return and be at the center of some pretty important stories that will have an impact on their lives as well as the lives of the characters they leave behind. Everything is really fantastic and exciting.”


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