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Emmerdale fans fear tragic fate for Millie Tate as Clemmie Reed turns killer: ‘So evil’

After a vicious attack on Millie Tate, Emmerdale youngster Clemmie Reed has been dubbed the next village killer by viewers.

Clemmie (Mabel Addison), who lives at Home Farm, is being looked after by Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley). Dawn is anxiously anticipating social services’ arrival to assess Clemmie’s level of integration. However, after Millie (Willow Bell), Kim Tate’s granddaughter, was chosen over Clemmie (Claire King), Clemmie started to act out of character and bit Millie. Fans have since labeled the youngster as “evil” and predicted that she will turn into the next major murderer in the community.

In the episode that aired on Tuesday night, Millie displayed a lot of invasive behavior when she was with Johnny Woodfield (Jack Jennings).

When Millie and Johnny were arts and craftsing, she was unable to share and even broke some of Johnny’s materials.

Dawn was shocked when Kim said Clemmie might not stay for the long haul anyway, but Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) proposes a new strategy.

She suggests that she and Thomas temporarily move in with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), which infuriates Kim more because she knows that Clemmie is the real culprit.

Dawn is still distraught over the fact that she has yet to receive a social services visit, but she was delighted to hear that Clemmie would be staying.

When they rush over in response to the scream, they are horrified to see what appears to be Clemmie biting Millie.

Fans have started to predict that Clemmie will resort to violence after seeing the scenes and realizing that she has been struggling with her mother’s death.

“I get the feeling that Clemmie is going to be like Damien from The Omen,” tweeted Craig Barker, an Emmerdale fan.

Mike Preistley concurred: “Similar to Carrie, Clemmie! I mean, I understand how much she has been through, but she still attacked the boy!”

“How f***ing scary is Clemmie?” @Portomonza continued. I’m anticipating the spinning of her head.”

echoed @stevebethere: “Clemmie’s going to be the devil, I predict!

Clemmie will resemble Hope Stape from Coronation Street (Isabel Flanagan), according to @joy9kat, who tweeted: “Clemmie is going to be another Hope!”

“Clemmie, getting closer and closer to being the devil child, so evil,” exclaimed @ChewBarker78. (sic)

Is Clemmie secretly preparing to infiltrate Home Farm and expel Millie permanently? Or are her supporters right to believe she is capable of murder?

Recently, Emmerdale executives recommended Kim and Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) as actors to watch as the ITV soap prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary next month.

The birthday episodes, which center on Kim and Will’s wedding, will experience a deadly storm.

Everyone is involved, executive producer Jane Hudson recently hinted. To identify who is not involved would be simpler.

Anyone associated with Kim and Will has a significant role to play because Will is getting married.

Will Kim’s gut feeling about Clemmie be accurate before it’s too late?


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