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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Kim Tate’s killer revenge plot ahead of wedding to Will

Fans of the soap opera Emmerdale are aware that the village is about to experience an explosive change as the 50th anniversary celebrations promise to bring all the anticipated drama, twists, and turns. However, some viewers believe they know exactly what will happen to Kim Tate, Will Taylor, and Harriet Finch after Friday’s episode.

When Will (Dean Andrews) and Kim (Claire King) announced their engagement, Harriet (played by Katherine Dow Blyton) was devastated and wasn’t afraid to express her feelings to her ex. In the ITV soap opera that aired on Friday, Will was upset to learn that Harriet wouldn’t be attending the wedding and made plans to talk to her right away. Unfortunately, Kim overheard their private exchange during which Harriet spoke about Will telling her he loved her while intoxicated.Fans of Emmerdale are aware that Kim isn’t one to let things go without planning some sort of retaliation, and they appear to believe that she may be preparing to murder Harriet.

Knowing that Harriet and Will are former lovers, Kim became concerned when she noticed that they had become more close in the days before the wedding.

In Friday’s episode, she saw firsthand how Harriet’s actions continue to have a significant impact on her soon-to-be husband.

The mood changed abruptly as Will looked at his phone and inquired about whether they had each finished writing their vows.

He lamented to his fiancée that “Harriet’s not coming to the wedding.”

I can deal with that, Kim said icily. So what’s her justification?

“Been drafted into work because of the weather… So she says,” Will answered.

Confused by Will’s remark, Kim asked: “Why would she lie?”

“Just forget it,” Will hit back dismissively before Kim probed: “Have you two fallen out?”

“It’s nothing,” a clearly upset Will lied, getting up to leave the room.

“Where are you going now?” Kim asked, to which Will responded: “To write the vows… in peace.”

In reality, Will planned a private meeting with Harriet so they could talk.

He didn’t know Kim was following closely behind him until he went to see her later.

“Why am I here?” Will responded to Harriet’s question by saying, “Because we can’t leave things like this.”

Added him: “You should attend the wedding, please. If not, it would only appear that Kim and Su are not idiots.”

What makes you afraid of her? Will declined when Harriet enquired.

Kim was outside at that precise moment, listening to their conversation.

Harriet accidentally said, “You told me you loved me, you wanted to kiss me.”

Will said, “I was drunk, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a good day.

And you believe Kim Tate is a safer bet? Harriet cried. She is a demon. She won’t bring you happiness like we did.

I love you!” She continued, making things worse. You love me, and the truth is that when you wake up next to her one day, you will wish it were me there instead.

“I won’t say it again, but it’s not too late and life is way too short.”

Kim was indignant as she watched Harriet kiss Will goodbye and then leave.

How will the soap opera villain avenge her new foe? Fans appear to have a thought.

According to @elizabe82758727, a Twitter user: “#Emmerdale We all know that Jamie Tate killed Harriet for his mother Kim Tate, and I believe he returned to Emmerdale for the 50th anniversary.” (sic)

Kim will kill you, Harriet #Emmerdale, warned @teatattle.

@TJuice247 questioned: “It’s strange that Harriet is only now experiencing these emotions; isn’t Kim going to kill her? #Emmerdale”

Posted by @craggsy82: “Kim would make me nervous. All the best, Will #Emmerdale.”

Added by @Wee Westie29: “Will and Harriet are in a terrible situation because Kim overheard their conversation. They both need to take precautions because Kim will literally be out for blood. #Emmerdale.”

“Who the hell wouldn’t fear Kim Harriet? #Emmerdale, “questioned @itzzzo_.

Could Kim really kill Harriet in order to keep her away from her future husband permanently?

And could Jamie Tate (Alex Lincoln), her son, actually get involved in the messy situation and assist his mother in “getting rid of” Harriet?


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