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Emmerdale spoilers: Scandal as Liam Cavanagh cheats on Leyla with Bernice Blackstock

In Emmerdale, Liam (Jonny McPherson) has been the patient husband dealing with Leyla’s (Roxy Shahidi) spiraling addiction. However, it appears that Liam now feels free to look elsewhere for the affection he needs, including from Bernice (Samantha Giles)!

As Leyla has refused to make things simple for him, Liam has grown more and more distant from her. Even his hopes that their couple’s counseling sessions would be fruitful have been dashed. Even though she is back home, nothing has changed.

Leyla dumps on her, which raises Priya’s (Fiona Wade) suspicion. She confides in her friend that she believes their relationship is broken for good. Could this signal the end of the world?

In need of a shoulder to cry on, Liam chooses his ex-girlfriend Bernice.

As they get closer, he confides in her his concerns about what is happening with Leyla, and as they do, their thoughts turn to their former union. Liam does the unthinkable and goes in for a kiss after giving in to the signals he believes he is receiving from her.

Bernice is shocked and demands that he immediately tell Leyla what he just did, but he is unable to do so due to guilt.

He spends time with Leyla later while attempting to move past the inappropriate behavior, and she immediately leans into his arms.

He decides to keep his slip to himself because, after all, it was just a mistake, and his guilt vanishes. Leyla is willing to do whatever it takes to get them back to where they were, so this seems like a good idea.

Bernice observes the touching scene and believes Liam made the right decision.

She bulldozes in to offer Leyla her sincere apologies when she later sees her on her own, which reveals the plan and rocks Leyla’s world.

When Leyla finds out Liam cheated, she is horrified. How will she handle this terrible news when she is already fragile from her recovery?


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