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Emmerdale theory: Kim Tate destroyed by unlikely resident as Jamie returns to village

When Jamie Tate visits the village for his daughter Millie, EMMERDALE stalwart Kim Tate might end up being overthrown by an unexpected local. The businesswoman will be destroyed, according to a theory investigated by yzee.uk.

Emmerdale’s Kim Tate (Claire King), who learned her son Jamie (Alex Lincoln) was still alive and had been living with his daughter Millie and Andrea Tate’s (Anna Nightingale) mother Hazel (Kate Anthony), during Thursday night’s triple episode, was horrified (Willow Bell). After learning that Hazel had been attacked by Jamie after claiming he had pushed her down the stairs, Kim was quickly reunited with her granddaughter.

When Millie overheard Kim criticizing her father while she was staying with her, things quickly changed.

Millie insisted Jamie loved her and would be back soon, refusing to hear a word of it.

The child then fled, and a massive search was launched in the village to try and find her.

Alarm bells weren’t raised until nurse Wendy (Susan Cookson) returned home from her night shift and found Millie there.

While Kim wanted to go and get Millie now that she had been found, she decided to let her granddaughter eat lunch with Wendy instead.

However, disagreements developed between the two over Millie’s intended overnight accommodation.

Kim asserted that she was the child’s grandmother despite the youngster’s insistence that she wanted to stay with Wendy.

Kim entered the cafe and said, “I have come to collect, Millie.”

Wendy simply responded: “That, in my opinion, is a bad idea. She has just recently been brought to a state of calm, so I believe it would be best if she stayed with me.”

Wendy argued: “Yeah, well she doesn’t want to stay with you,” to which Kim, perplexed, retorted, “I’m her grandmother.”

In the background, Millie could be heard saying, “I want to stay with Wendy.”

“Now that you know, will you please leave us alone?” Wendy queried.

Kim explained to the nurse in an effort to persuade her: “The lies Jamie and Hazel told her are the only reason she feels that way. If she realizes how much we care about her, that will change.”

Millie was then forced to stay with Wendy, but Kim was having none of it.
Kim apologized to her granddaughter Millie. Wendy shouldn’t have said that, as it’s impractical.

Wendy screamed, “Yes, it is. She cannot be stopped.

Kim explained that her mother had died and that her father had fled, but it was clear that she was having none of it.

She screamed, “I am the only family she has left,” before claiming, “Being her dead mother’s tenant does not qualify you as family.”

Kim continued, “Whether you like it or not, she will always be my granddaughter. I am still not letting you take her.” Wendy shot back.

“I should be taking care of her, and I won’t let her down,” I said.

Given that Jamie’s return has been confirmed and Wendy has made it clear to Kim where she thinks Millie should stay, could the nurse join forces with the bad guy to keep Millie?

This would ultimately destroy Kim because of the bond she has formed with the child.


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