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Emmerdale theory: Kim Tate turns killer as she discovers Will Taylor affair on wedding day

Kim Tate, an EMMERDALE legend, is eagerly anticipating her lavish nuptials to Will Taylor, her fourth husband. But according to a theory from yzee.uk, everything might come to a tragic end.

Kim Tate (Claire King), who will marry beau Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), this fall, is preparing for the event of a lifetime. Despite getting married several times over the years, the Emmerdale businesswoman is certain that Will is the one. When Kim finds out about Will and Harriet Finch’s sensual liaison, though, could she resort to murder?

Fans of the ITV soap opera will be aware that Kim has been busy lately planning her wedding.

She still doesn’t seem to understand that Will and Harriet, the village policewoman, might be in love.

Although there is never a good time to offend Kim, soap opera executives have revealed that Harriet plans to confess her love for Will on the occasion of their wedding.

The soap’s 50th anniversary will be marked by a month’s worth of dramatic storylines in October, and Kim and Will’s wedding will take place on October 16.

Exclusive interview with Katherine, who portrays Harriet, about her character’s unresolved feelings for Will by yzee.uk.

Katherine responded, “Well, she is having a little dabble with a character at the moment but she is not sure because she still has these reemerging feelings for Will [Taylor],” when asked if there is romance in the works for Harriet.

“I mean, I don’t want to come off as bad, but there aren’t many opportunities for women my age in this village.

The actress, who portrayed the village vicar before switching to a career in law enforcement, continued, “But yes, she is always looking for a little bit of romance now that she has left the church.”

Katherine acknowledged that by getting involved in Kim and Will’s romance, her character is “really playing with fire.”

“There will be fireworks,” she predicted. “Harriet is no Kim Tate, but they are both quite feisty women who can take care of themselves.

“Yes, they will have their moments,” I said, “but we should be doing this on November 5.”

Anyone associated with Kim and Will has a “major part to play,” according to producer Jane Hudson, in the 50th-anniversary storylines.

What will Kim do when Harriet confesses her unwavering love for Will on the wedding day?

Could her fury and utter heartbreak push her to murder Will or Harriet?
Or will a contentious Kim wait patiently to plan her retaliation against the two?

Since Kim has many connections, she might hire a hitman to kill the couple so she won’t have to deal with the bloody details herself.

As the only person who is aware of the location of Mark Malone’s (Mark Womack) grave, Kim already has influence over Harriet.

Two years ago, Harriet buried the crumpled police officer, but Kim agreed to move the body.

In upcoming scenes, could Kim resurrect Mark and blame Harriet for his demise?


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