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Emmerdale theory: Leyla dies in drugs twist after Liam Cavanagh walks out

Leyla Harding, a resident of EMMERDALE, has had a difficult time lately, particularly since her drug addiction reached a crisis point when she had a heart attack. An yzee.uk theory currently holds that the character is about to take a much darker turn.

Viewers of Emmerdale witnessed Leyla’s (Roxy Shahidi) health deteriorate last month as she was taken to the hospital after having a heart attack. This was also the crucial time when her son Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) and her husband Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) learned the truth. Jacob was there for his other, but Liam felt betrayed and began to withdraw.

The doctor believed his wife caused the heart attack because his daughter Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger) died at such a young age.

Additionally, he had more motivation to avoid his wife when he realized David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) was also aware of Leyla’s drug use but chose not to inform him.

However, based on official ITV spoilers, it appears that things will only get worse for the couple.

In upcoming scenes, Priya (Fiona Wade) confides in Jai (Chris Bisson) that she worries Liam is hiding the truth about Leyla’s drug addiction.

Jai, however, finds it difficult to control Liam’s hopes for Leyla’s recovery.

Later, Jai tries to advise the GP on how to handle Leyla’s rehabilitation best, but Liam is confronted with the reality of treating an addict.

The following day, Liam and Leyla have couples therapy, and after they both open up, Liam is left feeling exhausted.

Additionally, there is tension between the two of them when the couple arrives home together.

After she kept it a secret for so long, could Leyla’s recovery be a step too far for Liam, who is obviously finding it difficult to deal with her recovery?

Liam might decide enough is enough because he has already lost his daughter and his marriage to Leyla is in trouble.

Leyla might end up relapsing and develop new health issues if Liam decides to leave.

The villager has already suffered a heart attack, but what if she abuses drugs to the point of death?

Could a double exit be in the works? Emmerdale executives have already hinted at an exit storyline for the soap’s 50th anniversary.

The actor who plays Liam has opened up about his troubled past and how his daughter’s disappearance still haunts him.

Liam has spent the past year or so trying to contain his rage, grief, and anger as well as the existential question, “Why carry on?,” according to Jonny.

After he manages to gather everything, lock the door, and close it, it will appear to be overstuffed, like a wardrobe.

He is once more completely submerged because everything has fallen apart.

“This will make it even more challenging than it already is. It will cause him to regress considerably.

When asked about Leyla’s future after everything she has been through, Emmerdale executive Jane Hudson spoke with yzee.uk and other media earlier this year.

In 2022, Leyla will have a significant storyline, she hinted.

We’ve seen her provide Liam with a lot of support during the loss of his daughter Leanna, but is everything really what it seems?

Is Leyla really handling things as well as she appears to be on the surface, or is there something else going on that we’ll eventually find out?


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