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Emmerdale theory: Millie Tate dies off-screen searching for Jamie

The fake death of Jamie Tate from Emmerdale has devastated his family, and an yzee.uk theory contends that Millie, his young daughter, may also have perished as a result.

After a year, Jamie’s (Alex Lincoln’s) family learned that he had actually faked his death in a car accident. In Tuesday’s Emmerdale episode, Millie (Willow Belle), a schoolgirl, overheard his shocked mother Kim Tate (Claire King) irately complain that her son doesn’t care about his two kids. The child remained upset despite Kim’s attempts to apologize and explain that her father does love her. Later, she promised Thomas, her younger brother, that they would find their father. Later, when Kim tried to locate her, she was gone.Could tragedy strike as the young child dies trying to find her father?

I’ve never been under any illusions about what he’s capable of,” Kim acknowledged when speaking with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) about her troubled son.

But watching him enter the ship… abandoning his daughter, whom he claims to love, and the son he has never met.

“Scurrying off like some filthy sewer rat. You’re right about needing closure, but I don’t wish him dead.

“Bring everyone in here, I have something to say,” was the command.

Kim later shared what had happened after everyone had joined her.

So, he’s not in the country, Gabby Thomas enquired (Rosie Bentham).

Kim said, “Okay, that’s enough,” as the others started to scream about Jamie’s plotting.

Do you all understand that I want that to be the last time his name is mentioned in this house?

“I want all traces of him to be permanently removed. If necessary, burn every image and item he left behind.

“He may still be alive, but he is permanently gone from all of our lives.

Let’s not fool ourselves: Jamie was the one who chose to leave this family, to leave his children behind in favor of punishing me. That’s how sick he is.

That demonstrates how he never loved Millie. He even shows less concern for Thomas.

However, Kim was unaware that Millie was watching from the door and listening.

I hate you, granny, shut up!” she yelled as she stormed in. Daddy is correct; you are evil.

Later, Kim tried to make amends with the young girl but she wasn’t interested in doing so.

Afterward, Mille said to Thomas, “Daddy loves us, Thomas, and we’ll find him again.”

Millie was not present when Kim went to call her for dinner afterward.

Kim realized she must have fled when she noticed the child had taken her favorite items with her.

Millie was obviously looking for Jamie, and she could have gone anywhere.

She might believe she can try to do what her father did since she was aware he had left on a boat.

But because the weak girl left in the evening, she will soon be lost in the pitch black.

Due to being exposed to the elements and the cold weather, she could put herself in danger.

It’s possible that tragic events occur and young Millie passes away after getting lost and confused.

She might get sick from the cold and pass out while alone in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Emmerdale child may not survive if no one finds her in time.

Jamie will probably return to the soap opera if Millie does pass away.

Jamie always seemed to genuinely care for Millie when he was around, despite the fact that he has abandoned her along with the rest of his family.

He will most likely return to the village as word of the tragedy spreads.

Undoubtedly blaming Kim for what occurred, it’s conceivable that the two will eventually engage in a major showdown.


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