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Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd betrays Charity Dingle after new row

After a new argument with his partner Charity Dingle, Mackenzie Boyd of Emmerdale sleeps with an unknown woman the following week.

After learning that Charity’s pregnancy was ectopic and hence not viable, the couple is currently in mourning.

In the episodes airing the following week, Mackenzie wrestles with how to inform Charity that he still wants to have a child with her.

To encourage dialogue, Mackenzie brings Charity along on a wellness retreat.

The pair tries meditation together but finds it difficult to commit and abandons the session.

Charity and Mackenzie kiss as they leave together on their own. Mackenzie uses Charity’s remark that they haven’t slept together since they lost the baby as an opportunity to express his desire for them to try for another child.

Charity and Mackenzie argue about his admission after she accuses him of being inconsiderate.

Mackenzie won’t be having a baby with Charity because she makes it known that she wouldn’t consider having another child. If that’s what Mackenzie wants, she urges him to leave.

Soon after, Mackenzie resumes his promiscuous behavior and finds himself in bed with an unknown woman.

Charity has been confiding in Moira Dingle, who has urged her to mend things with Mack, although Mack is unaware of this.

When Mackenzie gets home later, Charity has changed her mind and says that she won’t rule out having another child in the future, which surprises Mackenzie.

Despite being reconciled, Mackenzie regrets having slept with someone else. Is the revelation of the truth merely a matter of time?


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