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Here’s how much Home and Away extras get paid: ‘Really fun’

Since its debut in 1988, Home and Away has become a television institution in Australia, giving rise to celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Naomi Watts, and Samara Weaving.

It’s not all glitz and glamour, though, as it was recently discovered that extras don’t actually make a lot of money.

Home and Away films all year and often asks extras to wear bikinis in the middle of winter

Fitzy & Wippa of Nova revealed that Sophie, an extra, makes about $350 for a 10-hour day, but it isn’t always easy.

I’m going to spend about 10 hours in a bikini at Palm Beach in the dead of winter. You may laugh right now, but you have already experienced it, she said.

Scenes from Home and Away that were filmed in August would probably air in the summer because the show shoots about six months in advance.

The radio hosts warned that wearing a bikini in the winter would be “freezing,” but Wippa said he’d be willing to try it.

He joked, “$350 for bikinis, I’d do that for sure.”

The $35 hourly rate is higher than Australia’s $21.38 hourly minimum wage. Due to the lengthy days, extras on movies and television shows frequently receive a hot catered lunch as an added perk.

It’s not clear, though, whether the fee mentioned accounts for the background agency’s cut.\

When Summer Bay High was a common occurrence on the soap opera, a woman who played a student on the show was interviewed by Yahoo Lifestyle.

Being a student was my favorite part because I got to wear the uniform and carry my books around. It felt like we were in a real school because we each had a locker, she says.

It was fascinating to watch Alf work while I was an extra at the Surf Club.

Additionally, our source reveals that catering was frequently offered and that the crew takes excellent care of the extras. Although there are strict rules regarding what they should bring, extras are frequently asked to bring a variety of outfits.

“Summer is always here, so in the I had to put on a dress and thongs in the winter. The set was freezing! She fess up.

The Sydney talent agency PGs Agency, which represents actors and extras, has some helpful advice on what people should know in order to become extras.

Extras are available in all ages, looks, sizes, and nationalities. From 3 years old to grandparents and great-grandparents, there are PG Extras. According to their website, extras are used in movies and TV shows to represent real people.

Although it’s not necessary for extras to speak, they are frequently asked to act a little or pretend to speak in order to make the scene more realistic.

Additionally, the agency states that extras must be “reliable, punctual, and professional,” and having a car is advantageous.

Seven has been contacted by Yahoo Lifestyle for comment.


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