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How to hide the text or content in an SEO-friendly Method

Hide Text Seo Friendly
Hide Text Seo Friendly

Hidden text is among the oldest black-hat SEO strategies that is covered in the guide. If you’re old enough and been on the internet in the early 2000s, when Google was a huge player, though their algorithm was not as sophisticated, will recall the various methods people used to manipulate the results of search. One was to create huge databases of key words, whole stolen articles and then hide the contents on the page.

Sometimes, scripts concealed the contents. Sometimes it was as easy as black text against an all-black background. Sometimes, the site’s owner made the font size 1 which was barely more than the black line. However it became clear that the hidden or invisible text was never targeted at the users and was instead designed to affect search results in an unnatural way. Google quickly put a stop to it. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

Since then, advances in technology have offered webmasters an array of options to conceal text in a manner that is friendly to visitors. Essentially, there are a variety of reasons to hide text , but not conceal the content from your visitors. One of the most popular examples could be that one. On this page, you will see an example of a set of questions without answers. The page is a question and answer.

When you have an FAQ You have three options to display the answers to your questions. The first is to display them in a visible manner, ready to be read or scanned. This is great and what the majority of websites are doing these days.

Another alternative, and quite common couple of years back, was to make each question a hyperlink and then direct the link to a webpage that addressed the question. Today it’s not a good alternative, as it usually refers to the creation of a dozen or more pages with just 100-200 words that is considered to be thin content, as Google considers it. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

You can continue to apply the link method insofar as your articles at opposite ends are at length. That means that you have to answer each question has to be at minimum 1500 words. If you are able to pull that off, you’ve got the foundation of a robust SEO presence. If you create the content too much overlap between answers to the next or if it’s a jumble of irrelevant unimportant information, it’s bound harm you too. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

The third option is described on the FAQ: hiding the content. The questions are hyperlinks, however instead of leading you to a different page, it expands the area under the question and places the answer on it. This can be done using hidden DIVs and the jQuery. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

Google’s Stance

What do Google really have to say about hidden text in the present? In the end, it’s been quite some time since it was a major issue, and a lot of people have gotten over the notion of making use of it.

Google’s official website is a part of the guidelines for quality and is accessible here. In this article, I’ll summarise the guidelines for you. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

  • The hiding of links and text on your website can be considered to be deceitful and in violation of webmaster guidelines. – Hide Text Seo Friendly
  • Techniques to hide text can be accomplished by matching color schemes for background and font using an image to cover the text, employing CSS to place text away from the screen or set font size to either 1 or zero or hiding a hyperlink by linking only with a period or a smaller character.
  • The hidden text that is present is considered to be deceitful.
  • Text hidden behind scripts or within Flash files could be useful for users. – Hide Text Seo Friendly
  • Google recommends that any text hidden within a video script or script should be made public as plaintext, as well, using

The most important thing to consider is to determine if the text appears on your website. If you use the hidden DIV using jQuery and an expand link the text becomes easy to see, and therefore isn’t considered as hidden. This is not done to hide your text from the users however, but to improve your users experience better and your website design more appealing. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

Another issue you might encounter is with the script that you use to hide your content from users that don’t have scripts turned on. In this situation it is recommended to follow the steps above.

Guidelines to Follow

There are some guidelines to follow when creating scripts to hide text. Keep these in mind and utilize this as a guideline when you’re doneto ensure that you’re not violating the guidelines. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

In the first place, you must be aware of black-hat manipulation that Google mentions above. The corresponding colors as well as font sizes and other issues are simple to Google to identify and penalize and can affect your entire website. Do not even try them. Even when your ranking on Google is affected for a couple of days, the loss in trust can make you more vulnerable to future issues or rivals.

Make sure you Include a plaintext version of the text that you’re concealing within . I cannot stress this enough. This makes it accessible to non-script users, and also tells Google they’re not trying hide your text from the users. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

3. take a look at whether or whether the content really needs to be concealed. What is the reason you are concealing the content? Could it cause a break in your layout if all of it is accessible at all times? If yes, perhaps you’d like to make the layout more adaptable. Are you able to fit it on one page when you can see it all? It might be better to divide it into several distinct pages.

Are there multiple variations on one topic, like troubleshooting instructions for different types of the model? It may be a better idea group them together into one page that lists the models to the model to which these steps are applicable. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

Last but not least, keep in mind the manner in which users browse the web. If they’re seeking an exact piece of information and they’ll be looking for it. If they aren’t able to find what they’re looking to find then they’re more likely to return to the results of their search and move to the next intriguing page. They won’t explore a search to find all of the “read further” or “click for more information” hyperlinks.

Remember that Google can be prone to penalize the content hidden behind scripts even if you have the

Then, when do you need to use hidden text?

  • Reviews of products by users can be cut down to 100 characters or less and hidden by the words “Read More.”
  • The transcripts of a video may be hidden primarily in the event that the video isn’t the primary focus of the page. – Hide Text Seo Friendly
  • A page that is not indexed by default, such as back-end support or content for members only is able to be hidden however you’d like since Google will not be indexing the page initially to start with.
  • Drop-down menus with text that is used in menus and navigation are perfectly acceptable. Google does not have a problem about “core information in the body” which could be hidden and shouldn’t be.

Another noteworthy variation Another notable exception websites that are mobile. If you’ve visited an app on mobile on Wikipedia you’ll notice that the only prominent part is an introduction. Each section after that can be hidden by a dropdown which expands upon tapping it. This is considered to be a good thing for as long as Google is concerned, as it’s condensing lots of text that can take an incredibly long time to browse through to find the information you’re looking for. Instead, users have the option to scroll down through the desired section to view and then expand the area. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

How to Hide Text using the jQuery

The easiest method of hiding text is to make use of the DIV along with JavaScript/jQuery to block it automatically. In this case, we’ll employ an FAQ idea, however, as we’ve seen it is important to keep the primary content of the site hidden. in this manner can be harmful to the site. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

In the beginning, you’ll need to start the jQuery library from the very top of your webpage. This will be an arrow that appears to read: – Hide Text Seo Friendly

On the at the top of your website. But, if your site is making use of WordPress, Drupal, or other major CMS most likely, it already has jQuery enable to perform other functions as well as for the use of plugins. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

Then, on above the screen you’ll need to start the actual script. It will include a tag to end the script.

You will then have CSS to incorporate the script into your website. There are two parts of style, One for the query and another that contains the response. You can format these however you want.

In the end, you will have individual DIVs. They appear in your content. The DIV contains a class that refers to the script, which is in this case the faq_container. Inside that is the faq class and inside is the class that addresses the question, and the class to answer. Each of these classes has script elements that are associated with the above.

Therefore, there is no formatting or scripting is required to be into the div in the div itself. It’s easy to see the locations where the “question is there” and “answer is to here” entries are. This is the basic text that you’ll get when you expand the question. Repeat the entire structure of divs for each answer set and question. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

There’s an alternative method you could employ to change the text inside an area or below a particular area based on the hyperlink clicked. This is usually used to create tab-based layouts, however it can be applied in many different ways, with the boundaries that you can imagine.

Instead of explaining the code in this article I’ll only refer you to an additional examples site that is available on GuideFaq.com (now SpringShare.com). Also, you can find an extensive list of options for toggles as well as hidden examples of DIV in this article. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

In the final analysis, there is numerous ways to change the access to a particular portion of text. New and exciting HTML and CSS options can include fade-ins or additional scrolling-based contents. Slide-ins, hello bars or lightbox-based pop-ups are typical uses for “hidden” texts, however they are not all them are the primary information on the webpage.

They’re all CTAs and efforts to encourage users to sign up to join mailing lists. Therefore, Google would just as quickly ignore them as it the indexing of them is not necessary, you won’t need to worry about them showing on the search results. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

In reality, the majority of motives to hide text are in reality illogical. Additionally, you’ll confront issues with speed when loading scripts in the uppermost part of your website. The script must be loaded to allow the content to be loaded and the content needs to be loaded prior to when Google decides that the page as fully loaded. You’ll need to test the synchronous loading option if you wish to safeguard the entire value of your website from the speedy loading. – Hide Text Seo Friendly

Do you need to conceal text? It’s possible to do so if you’d like however I would not recommend this. Use it only for pages that aren’t important or contain pages that don’t have any content that’s important on the webpage. It’s fine to use it for additional content or to reference sources, like or to create video transcripts, but should not be used to create the primary page’s content.


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