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Home and Away revisits Cash Newman’s secret passion

In the most recent Australian episode of Home and Away, Cash Newman and Eden Fowler reunited.

After going through difficult times in both their personal and professional lives, Cash and Eden were drawn back together.

After experiencing a string of setbacks, Cash attempts to project a “bad boy” image in a recent storyline airing in Australia.

Cash has told his sister Felicity that nice guys come in last after being shot by the head of the biker gang Marty and having his girlfriend Jasmine Delaney break up with him. Since then, Felicity and his friends in Summer Bay have been treated with obvious hostility by the neighborhood policeman.

Recently, Cash spent the night with his ex-girlfriend Eden, but she was taken aback when the next morning he acted strangely cold toward her. He insisted that they keep their time together private.

Cash informed Felicity that he had been put on an unpaid leave of absence from work in the episode that aired on Channel 7 in Australia on Wednesday, September 21.

The reason for this is that Cash has been accused of using excessive force while apprehending a thief who recently stole from Remi Carter while he was busking.

Due to a mistake made by their new manager Justin Morgan, Eden found herself at odds with her Lyrik bandmates regarding the future of the ensemble.

Eden insisted on firing Justin after learning that the band had missed their scheduled performance at Salt.

Theo Poulos and Kirby Aramoana disagreed, believing that Justin deserved another chance because of his recent history of aiding Lyrik.

The two bonded over their difficult times as Cash visited Eden at home in the final moments of Wednesday’s episode.

For the second time in a few days, the pair succumbed to temptation right away. Will they be able to control their passion a second time?

In October, Channel 5 will air these scenes for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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