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Home and Away spoilers: Felicity suspects Cash and Eden are secretly hooking up

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) feels anxious as she observes the lighting being set up in the restaurant on the eve of Salt’s significant relaunch. She starts to question her ability to be a co-owner, especially since she was unable to even persuade Lyrik to certify their ability to play the gig. She is reassured by Tane (Ethan Browne) that if she can tolerate poker evenings, she can handle a completely legal band night. However, Felicity isn’t helped by this since what if no one shows up?

Fears Felicity had before the gig start to fade. As more guests arrive, a throng quickly forms to support Lyrik as they perform onstage. Drinks are being served, and the dance floor is lively. Tane is glad to see Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) enter the building because she is proud of Felicity. The off-duty policeman is astonished, though, when he glances toward the theater and notices Lyrik on stage. Flick is perplexed—her brother likes this band, right?

Clearly uncomfortable, Cash starts to go, but Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) spots him and leaps from the platform into his arms before he can leave. While the entire crowd applauds and watches, Cash is visibly embarrassed. Felicity is shocked; why is Cash acting out because Eden is in town? Cash expresses anxiety for Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) reaction if she learns that another lady leaped on him in that manner when the siblings finally catch up with him. Felicity believes her brother is overreacting, but that’s really Eden’s style, in her opinion.

Eden is taken aback by Cash’s behavior toward her because he used to be enthusiastic about her but now doesn’t seem to give a damn. Tane wonders if there was ever a romantic relationship between the two. Felicity first ignores it, but after the gig she has a realization and confronts Eden. Why did they interact like that? Eden admits sheepishly that she had had a sexual relationship with Cash. Felicity is enraged because she could have hurt Cash’s feelings. She admonishes Eden and claims that he now has Jasmine.

But does Eden actually listen to Felicity? As Felicity heads to the beach in the morning, she is astonished to see Eden and Cash together. The two are also sharing a lengthy, heartfelt embrace. Felicity should be concerned because Eden is an old flame and Cash is lonely while Jasmine is away at the farm. What is happening between Eden and Cash?


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