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Home and Away Spoilers – Tex’s identity revealed as Nik and Naomi kiss

The Parata household is put in danger the following week on Home and Away in the UK as we discover Tex’s real identity, while Nikau’s friendship with Naomi takes an unexpected turn.

Next week, as we learn the true reasons for Tex Wheeler’s (Lucas Linehan) presence in Summer Bay, the cliche “too good to be true” is proven to be true once more.

After responding to a job posting for a handyman to assist at the bait store and caravan park, Tex made his first appearance as Marilyn (Emily Symons) battled to manage the enterprises while the Stewart family was away.

Although Tex’s work ethic could have been improved, his work was still more than adequate. Marilyn occasionally had to crack the whip.

They were forced to fire Tex earlier than anticipated when Roo (Georgie Parker) arrived early last week. But Tex managed to charm his way around Roo, who may have had a foreshadowing of what was to come, and she refrained from letting him go.

Tex set his sights on Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier), a local cop, as soon as he arrived in the harbor, and has since started a relationship with her. While Rose was first relieved to have someone to distract her from Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), with whom she had recently acknowledged to being in love despite the fact that he was seeing her stepsister Jasmine (Sam Frost), she has discovered herself growing more in love with Tex.

The next week, after spending some time together in the city collecting Rose’s last possessions in preparation for her transfer into the pier apartment, the two make their way back to Summer Bay. Being with Tex has done Rose (Luke Van Os) a world of good, and Xander (Luke Van Os) can see the change in her.

But after Rose overhears Cash and Irene (Lynne McGranger) discussing his ex-girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) arriving in the harbor, tensions with Cash stay high. This will just add to the things he doesn’t want Jasmine to know about after his drunken (though entirely harmless) night with Rose caused him to spiral out of control.

He tells Rose that it was none of her business after realizing that she had been standing behind him the entire time. Later, when he tries to confront Rose once more about telling Xander what she heard, Tex blocks his path. Cash tells Tex to back off, but when he doesn’t, a fight breaks out between them.

Rose accepts Tex’s apology for getting into trouble with Cash and appreciates him for standing up for her even though it wasn’t really required. Rose confesses that the one thing in her life that isn’t difficult right now is him.

When Tex enters the gym, however, he stops to look closely at the picture of the previous owners Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mia (Anna Samson) that is on the counter. What is he planning?

Soon after, we learn more as we observe Tex walk to a bikie hangout to meet with the leader Marty (Ben Wood). Tex is actually their sergeant-at-arms, it turns out! Marty affirms that they are in the correct location when Tex shows him the gym photo he stole, and that they will recover every penny of the money Ari stole from them.

While they are aware that Ari has now passed away, they are unclear of Mia’s location. Tex affirms that the neighborhood cop is on his side and decides to continue looking around Summer Bay to see what he can uncover.

During his subsequent gym session, Chloe is rostered on, and Tex quickly learns that she is Ari’s stepdaughter. As Tex starts to follow her and keep an eye on the Parata house, Chloe unexpectedly comes to the attention of the group. Is she in peril?

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who is still with the Paratas, is nervous as he gets ready to get his bravery medal after being nominated by his new friend Naomi (Jamaica Vaughan).

Nik felt awkward because that’s really not his scene, but John (Shane Withington) was eager to tell Nik about the lavish dinner they’d be attending after he (Shane Withington) had announced the nomination in front of a packed surf club.

Nik declined Naomi’s offer to go with him and hold his hand, unsure of how to react considering that his girlfriend Bella (Courtney Miller) was at the time in New York.

Nik eventually accepted Naomi’s offer after John pointed out that he was free to make new acquaintances, just like Bella was doing in the US.

As the ceremony day approaches, John and Naomi go to pick up a sharply dressed Nikau, but he says he can’t make it.

Nik refuses to change his mind, despite John’s best efforts. Nik believes he was merely carrying out his duties and doesn’t want any of the attention, much less for everyone to hail him as a hero. John ultimately decides to accept the honor on Nik’s behalf after some hesitation.

The following day, Nik finds himself in Alf’s crosshairs (Ray Meagher), the surf club’s president, who traveled back from Merimbula just to attend the event. Alf decided against going after learning that Nik had canceled, and when he runs into Nik on the beach, he serves him for letting himself down.

When Naomi goes to check on Nik after seeing Alf’s outburst, he also apologizes to her. He is advised by Naomi not to be too hard on himself. He is a truly remarkable individual who is unaware of it.

Naomi suddenly gives Nik a kiss as evidence.


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