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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman reveals Ziggy’s dilemma in big new story

In upcoming Home and Away scenes that will air in Australia, Ziggy is expected to announce that she is pregnant, but the news is not as happy for her as you might anticipate.

After receiving a sponsorship, Ziggy’s dream of becoming a professional surfer appeared to be on track to materialize. However, Ziggy is well aware that having a child will cause the opportunity to pass her by.

Ziggy debates what is right and whether she would be able to give up her surfing goals after deciding that it would be best to keep the pregnancy a secret from her boyfriend, Dean, for the time being.

While Dean is excited about the possibility of becoming a father, Ziggy quickly lets him know the truth, and he quickly realizes that Ziggy does not share his enthusiasm.

It’s a big question mark, Sophie Dillman, who plays Ziggy, said in an interview with TV Week. Many women experience this and feel as though they must make a decision, especially those who play professional sports.

They don’t necessarily go together all the time. She received everything she desired. Her fantasy is to surf.

Ziggy’s hesitation is primarily related to her career, but she tells Dean that there is more to the story and that her time with her ex-husband Brody led her to believe that she was in danger never intend to have children.

She wanted a family when she was with Brody, but he made her doubt whether it would actually happen. Later, when she started dating Dean, she made the decision she didn’t want kids.

She is torn between pursuing the dream she currently has and the one she has always had.

It appears that Ziggy will have to make a difficult decision soon. What will she choose, and will she and Dean agree on what they should do?


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