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Home and Away’s Marilyn Chambers deceives Roo Stewart in new story

In the Home and Away scenes that will air on Channel 5 the following week, Marilyn makes a little mistake that only serves to make Roo feel worse.

Roo has been searching for a new path in life and recently made the choice to return to tutoring in order to feel fulfilled.

She posts a poster at the diner promoting her tutoring services in the hopes that soon someone will tear off a tab with her phone number and call her.

She quickly discovers that someone has taken out a tab, but her joy quickly fades away when no one requests her services.

Marilyn believes she knows exactly what to do to cheer Roo up, but her suggestion to remove another tab to give her hope only serves to increase Roo’s level of anxiety.

Seeing that more tabs have been closed but still no one has contacted her, Roo believes the entire endeavor was doomed to failure from the beginning.

Marilyn does her best to convince Roo that the more tabs she has open, the more attractive she will appear to potential customers better at all.

Alf, however, quickly foils Marilyn’s scheme when he sees her ripping off yet another tab. He makes it clear that he is not happy with her for giving Roo hope of work that may never materialize.

Marilyn realizes she made a mistake by promising to tell Roo the truth after Alf’s words have the desired effect.

But how will Roo respond if and when Marilyn comes clean, and will she decide to abandon her dream of becoming a tutor?


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