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Home and Away storyline sparks heated debate: ‘Not a good idea’

Some fans aren’t enjoying Xander Delaney’s latest storyline.

Fans of Home and Away are divided over an innocent detail in a recent episode, with some ardent viewers defending the program. After being attacked by drug dealers, Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) has been healing from a serious injury.

In one of last week’s episodes, the former paramedic made the decision to go surfing despite the advice of his sister Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier), who had been urging him to take it easy. On the Home and Away Spoilers & Info Facebook page, a fan posted a screenshot from the scene and said that the guy shouldn’t have gone surfing with a fresh wound on his torso.

In response to the ‘gross’ detail mentioned in another episode, the fan said, “Marilyn’s fingers around the lip of Alf’s cup might have to take a back seat to this one.”

“Xander, going for a surf with a nice attractive tasty wound like that on your tummy is not such a good idea when the surf beach has had known shark attacks in the past.”

It’s unclear if the dressing placed over his wound was waterproof or not, but viewers agreed that he should have known not to swim with his paramedic background.

However, a key part of his storyline shows him spiralling out of control after his work partner Jamie lost his life in the attack.

One supporter remarked, “You would think Xander would have more sense if he was in the ambos, surely he would know first aid about abrasions and wounds.”

Another person chimed in, “Really not liking this plot with Xander honestly, still don’t like his character in Home and Away.

A third person questioned, “But did you notice how the dressing didn’t even look wet or dirty?”

Another person said, “And as usual, surfing when there aren’t many waves to surf.”

Other fans were annoyed by the discussion, saying it wasn’t a big deal at all.

“Omg it’s fake, how are sharks gonna attack him, omg so many [people] have nothing better in their lives [than] to think TV shows are real,” a fan said.

“The mark on his stomach isn’t real,” another added.

“It’s a TV show, it’s made up,” a third commented.

“I’m moving there, no one ever works, free food and coffee at the


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