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Home & Away Spoilers – Braxton house returns as Lyrik set down roots

The upcoming episode of Home and Away in the UK will feature Marilyn tricking Roo while Lyrik settle into the old Braxton home.

This week, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Remi (Adam Rowland), and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) finally move into the former Braxton residence, realizing their goal of establishing themselves in Summer Bay.

Since being offered a regular gig at Salt, the band has been residing at the Parata home with their old friend Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) for the past few weeks.

Despite the fact that the other three members of the band were enthusiastic about having a steady income, lead singer Bob (Rob Mallett) believed that a “hick” town like Summer Bay would only stifle his abilities hastily left, leaving Lyrik to find a replacement for their fourth member.

One crisis had been avoided thanks to Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), and everything was starting to fall into place when Eden noticed that 55 Saxon Avenue had gone up for rent. She immediately made a call to the real estate agent.

John (Shane Palmer), the neighbor next door, was overjoyed when he saw the sign for himself; the house has been occupied by hippies for the past few years, and he has taken note of the odd music and odd smells coming from over the garden fence.

When Eden reveals that she has received the house’s keys the following week, the band receives the information they have been waiting for. The three quickly begin moving their belongings across the street while choosing who gets the largest room by pulling guitar picks from a hat.

However, Eden and Remi are unaware of another situation that may jeopardize the band’s stability.

Kirby and Theo are buzzing from playing their first “away” gig the day before, and as they jam and write songs all night, they start to bond. The two are thrilled with what a great team they’ve become when they finally play their newly finished song through to the end, and they unexpectedly find themselves kissing.

Kirby visits Theo shortly after moving in and informs him that the band must come first. She has already gone through this with Bob and is aware of firsthand how messy it can become when the lines between personal and professional life are crossed.

Despite this, they can’t help but share another kiss, unaware that Remi has seen them.

Eden and Remi quickly establish some new ground rules when Kirby and Theo come home, the first of which is that there should be no dating within the band. Although Theo doesn’t understand what the big deal is, Kirby realizes that they have been caught, and he reluctantly accedes to their demand—but for how long?

John, who is anticipating meeting his new neighbors, buys a sizable basket of muffins from the diner to welcome them to the neighborhood. When Marilyn (Emily Symons) butts in, Justin (James Stewart) is about to reveal who the new residents are. She obviously believes it will be much more entertaining for John to find out on his own.

John knocks on the door carrying plenty of Neighbourhood Watch flyers to distribute. and is shocked to hear Eden’s response.

He initially believes the band is squatting in the empty home, but when he realizes they are actually his new neighbors, he is left speechless. Even worse was when their music could be heard from across the street. How is he going to handle them living next door?

Eden must leave quickly for work, but she is happy to have John over so Remi can get to know his new neighbor.

The house at 55 Saxon Avenue is frequently referred to by Home and Away viewers over the last ten years as the “Braxton House,” but its involvement in the program dates all the way back to 1998.

Initially, it served as the residence of the visitor characters Sean Ellis and Daria, who Sam Marshall fell in love with after spotting her on his paper route.

The house was later occupied by James Fraser, who brought in a variety of characters over the ensuing years, including Sally, Harry, Shauna, Vinnie, Leah, Jude, and Charlotte.

After Sally and Flynn got married in 2003, the house eventually became their marital home, and an annexe was built across from the front door to serve as Flynn’s medical office.

In order to move into Summer Bay House, Sally and Flynn later exchanged homes with Beth Hunter and her kids, Robbie, Henry, and Matilda.

When Beth later got together with Tony Holden and he moved in with sons Jack and Lucas, the annexe was converted into additional living space.

After Beth passed away, the Hunter children received an equal share of the property’s ownership, and Tony stayed there until he eventually moved out with his third wife Rachel and their infant son Harry.

The Share House, as it was now affectionately referred to by the show’s creators, went through a number of occupants over the ensuing years, including Angelo, Charlie, and Ruby, before the Braxtons finally moved in in 2011.

Up until Ricky’s eventual departure and the recent return of Brax in 2016, the various members of the family, along with people like Ricky, Josh, Andy, Phoebe, and Nate, alternated between the house and annexe.

Six years later, when the house makes a second appearance on the show, the interior has undergone some changes and the annex appears to have vanished.

Walls dividing the living area from the kitchen and a portion of the hallway have been taken down, creating more space. Renovations have been made to the area around the back door, and a new door has also been added at the opposite end of the kitchen.

Of course, since the show has used four different filming locations since its initial appearance in 1998, the house also looks different from the outside. These most recent iterations of the Palmer house next door and the Share house were released in 2013.

Roo (Georgie Parker) isn’t having much success with her most recent endeavor elsewhere in Summer Bay. Roo has decided to advertise her services as a private tutor after deciding she needs a new goal, but her poster in the diner hasn’t drawn any interest yet.

After deciding to redesign the advertisement, Roo is thrilled to discover that one of the tabs bearing her phone number has already been torn off. Later, when Leah (Ada Nicodemou) inquires about calls, Roo replies that she hasn’t, wondering if the prospective student has changed their mind.

However, as the two are conversing, Marilyn approaches the poster and steals another number covertly, and Roo is encouraged when she notices that another tab has vanished!

Marilyn is happy to see that her bestie is becoming more self-assured, but what will happen if Roo finds out about her ruse?


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