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Home & Away’s John Palmer left shocked over neighbours in new scenes

John Palmer from Home and Away was shocked by the neighbors in the new scenes.
In scenes slated to air on Channel 5 the following week, John will be shown receiving some good news when his neighbors—whom he made no secret of not liking—pack up their belongings and leave.

John makes preparations to welcome the newcomers with a warm welcome in the hopes that they will all become friends. John is determined to have a better relationship with the people who move in to replace his old neighbors.

John, however, is taken aback when he discovers that the new neighbors are actually three Lyrik members.

It is a setback for John, who has already made it clear that he is not a fan, when Eden, Remi, and Kirby from the band all move in.

John had hoped to be able to live a more peaceful life, but as soon as he remembers the noise Lyrik made while they were guests at the Paratas’ home, he realizes that prospect is no longer in the cards for him.

Although John has some strong reservations, he soon bonds with Remi and even confides in him about all the local rumors.

Despite John’s concerns, could an unlikely friendship form between him and Lyrik?

Since moving to Summer Bay, Lyrik have undoubtedly made a splash, but the band’s relocation wasn’t off to the best start when their lead singer quit and left, taking their tour van with him.

Additionally, one of the band members, Eden, ran into an old flame in Cash, adding to the drama of finding a replacement lead vocalist.

Any possibility of a romance between them, however, seemed remote because Cash is still fervently hoping for a chance to see Jasmine again, which is regrettably not in the cards for him.


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