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Huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

On Coronation Street the following week, Kelly will exact revenge on Gary, and Stephen’s actions raise questions.

Meanwhile, Roy misplaces a priceless item.

Here are 11 major events that will soon occur.

Kelly reels from her discovery

After learning the shocking information about Rick’s murder, Kelly muses over it and decides to devise the ultimate retaliation against Gary.

She pretends to be speaking on behalf of a friend when she asks Todd for help in securing a sketchy contact. Todd tells Kelly to call the police instead because he is suspicious of her motives.

Kelly makes a dangerous deal

Craig summons Kelly to the station while working to apprehend her kidnapper. He shows Kelly some images of the suspects, including Kieron, the guilty party. When Kelly claims she has never seen Craig before, Craig becomes irate.

Kelly recognizes Kieron outside the station and moves closer to her captor. When Kelly offers him £10,000 to kill Gary, he is shocked.

Gary is confronted by Kelly

Before their engagement party, Kelly tells Aadi that she has already purchased their tickets to Bangkok, but she keeps a secret about how one-way they are.

Later, during the party, Kelly is thinking about Rick. Kelly gets upset when Gary decides to say a few words and expresses how much they love having Kelly as a member of their family.

She confronts Gary and says she is aware of his involvement in Rick’s murder. Gary is appalled.

Gary literally digs his own grave

Gary follows Kelly as she runs outside but quickly realizes it’s a trap when he sees her standing next to Kieron.

As Gary is knocked out and thrown into the van, Kelly tells Kieron that he will receive the remaining funds after Gary has passed away.

Gary is brought to the scene of Gary’s earlier murder of Rick by Kieron and his accomplice. They demand he dig his own grave while they are holding him at gunpoint.

Aadi and Gary race to save Kelly’s life

Kelly’s intended retaliation does not go as planned, and it becomes clear that Kieron is betraying Kelly. Gary escapes and alerts Aadi that Kelly is in peril.

As Kelly follows him to the roof of a shuttered mill, Kieron reveals his plot to kill Kelly, blame her for Gary’s death, and have it appear as a murder-suicide.

When Gary and Aadi finally locate them, they are shocked to see Kelly standing on the roof. Gary travels there and offers Kelly his life in exchange.

Who will live after Kieron fires his gun?

Leo has suspicions about Stephen

The family prepares to leave while Leo conducts a survey after David worries that the Platts’ sinkhole is about to reopen.

When Audrey suggests that they all move in together, Stephen finds the idea unsettling.

Leo notices Stephen’s behavior and later confides in Jenny that he is acting strangely. Jenny hides her worry about the private kiss she shared with him by doing so.

Audrey catches Stephen out

Stephen gives Audrey and Gail a spa day to entice them out of the house.

Leo’s suspicions are increased, however, when he learns that Stephen is lying about staying the night at a luxurious hotel.

Audrey is shocked to discover an estate agent’s valuer in her home when she unexpectedly leaves early. Audrey confronts Stephen about the information after the valuer admits that he made the appointment.

Stephen and Leo clash

Leo observes as Stephen tries to persuade Audrey to change her mind. The two men quickly reach a breaking point and fight over recent events.

Jenny chases after Leo as he storms out while attempting to defend herself.

David declares that enough is enough and makes a threat to contact the police. David is persuaded to stop by Stephen, but he continues to be questioned about why he hired the valuer for Audrey’s home.

Stephen gets an unwelcome visitor

Stephen is horrified to see his ex-wife, Gabrielle, who knocks on the door as the argument intensifies.

Recently, Gabrielle has threatened to call the police unless Stephen reimburses her for the 200,000 euros he stole from her business.

Later, Leo makes it clear to Stephen that he wants to uncover the truth behind his financial fabrications.

Nina and Bernie make a big mistake

Bernie suggests to Nina that she deep clean the apartment in an effort to make some extra cash for Roy’s birthday.

Bernie suggests they give the box of used clothing to a charity when she discovers it. Nina nods in agreement while failing to recognize Hayley’s red anorak inside the box.

When Roy finds out what has happened later, he is devastated.

Evelyn comes to the rescue

Roy receives a model train from Evelyn for his birthday, but Roy quickly realizes that the train belongs to him. The two come to the conclusion that the anorak must be in the same charity shop where the train was purchased.

Evelyn rips an anorak from a woman who is trying it on at the charity shop. Is Roy about to reunite with Hayley’s beloved anorak as she comes back to it?


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