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Huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

The following week on Emmerdale, Charles gets into serious problems after running into Naomi.

While Dawn and Billy welcome a new member into their family, Charity and Mack learn some heartbreaking news.

Nine major events are listed here in their entirety.

1. Charles is found unconscious

Ethan persuades Naomi to give Charles the opportunity to defend himself. To speak with Charles, Naomi arrives at the church reluctantly.

When Manpreet overhears a disagreement and then sees Naomi racing out of the church, she realizes that the meeting is not going well.

Manpreet is terrified to discover Charles unconscious on the ground when she enters to investigate what has occurred.

2. Naomi is arrested

When Naomi notices an ambulance outside, she runs back to the church. Manpreet yells at her to go as she attempts to see whether Charles is alright.

Harriet arrives on the scene as well, and she quickly seizes control by detaining Naomi on grounds of assault. Is Naomi at fault?

3. Manpreet compares Naomi to Meena

Manpreet and Ethan are apprehensively waiting for updates on Charles’ condition as he is rushed to the hospital.

Manpreet’s comparison of Naomi’s conduct to Meena’s behavior confounds Ethan.

4. Charity and Mack receive devastating news

Charity is in excruciating pain and is sent to the hospital right away for a checkup. When it is determined that Charity’s pregnancy is ectopic and not viable, her partner Mackenzie and she are distraught.

Mackenzie, who is putting on a brave face, is Mackenzie’s strong support, and Charity is appreciative of that. But it quickly becomes clear that Mackenzie isn’t coping as well as he’s portraying.

5. Dawn and Billy face challenges with Clemmie

Lucas is informed by Dawn and Billy that Clemmie will be staying with them. The good news makes Lucas happy, and they are relieved by his response. Dawn and Billy are concerned when Clemmie arrives since she won’t leave the social worker’s side.

Later on in the week, Clemmie scratches Lucas after he unintentionally steals her toy while Kim is watching the kids. Clemmie is in tears as a result of Kim’s severe response. Dawn shows up to observe the ruckus, and she feels guilty for having left Clemmie so soon.

6. Jai and Laurel reunite

Jai and Laurel are able to get in touch. This comes after it was discovered that Laurel’s most recent love interest, Kit, was a love rat.

As they assemble the kids to tell them about their reunion, Jai and Laurel are happy.

7. Jacob stands firm

The results of Jacob’s A-Levels are fantastic.

Jacob makes it plain that he still won’t be leaving, despite Victoria’s expectations that this may rekindle his desire to attend university after he recently declined to do so. Can you convince him otherwise?

8. Chas’s secrecy continues

Chas and Al continue to have an affair.

Chas feels conflicted between her love for Al and her duty to care for Faith while she is ailing as she continues to prowl about.

9. Sandra could be in trouble

As a result of their most recent time together, Sandra is still extorting Rishi.

Mandy reveals to Bernice her suspicions regarding Sandra’s recent actions and her plans to show that Liv’s mother is up to no good.


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