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Huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Belle discovers Chas and Al’s affair in next week’s Emmerdale episodes.

Elsewhere Faith’s condition worsens, and she collapses at her party, revealing Amelia’s pregnancy secret.

Here are the 13 most important moments to keep an eye out for.

Belle catches Chas and Al kissing

Chas and Al share a tender moment after another secret trip to a hotel, and it’s clear that they have stronger emotional ties than either of them wants to admit.

They kiss passionately as they leave, unaware that Belle has witnessed everything.

Chas tries to convince Belle to stay quiet

The next day, Belle confronts Chas and Al, revealing that she is aware of their affair.

Chas is terrified of her telling Paddy, but will she be able to convince Belle to keep her secret?

Faith plans a party

Faith is given food for thought when her palliative care nurse advises her to focus on dying with no regrets, and she has an emotional conversation with Eric about her final wishes.

Faith struggles while out on a country walk with Chas. Chas is upset to see her deterioration, but she is surprised when Faith says she wants to throw one last big party.

When Faith begs Chas not to repeat her mistakes in life, she gives her plenty to think about.

Faith collapses

Cain is hesitant to attend Faith’s party because he is afraid of showing his displeasure, but Moira persuades him to prioritize Faith’s needs.

There’s an air of awkwardness in the pub as Faith delivers a speech, but once the karaoke begins, everyone relaxes.

The party becomes more lively, but panic sets in when Faith collapses at the bar.

Chas is distressed

Chas vents her frustration on Paddy at the hospital, but they both have bigger problems to deal with when the nurse arrives to take them to Faith.

Faith is perplexed and terrified, claiming she can’t see properly. Faith’s condition is clearly deteriorating, and the family becomes concerned.

Amelia and Noah attend her baby scan

To Amelia’s delight, Noah requests to attend her scan. The couple appears to be in good spirits at the hospital.

They’re drawn closer after the scan, and Harriet is shocked to see them kissing, later admitting the truth to a horrified Dan.

The baby news is out in the open

Tensions are high, and Sam and Lydia can hear shouting in the distance from the graveyard.

As more people gather to hear the commotion, everyone is shocked to learn of Amelia’s pregnancy.

Assuming Noah is the father, Dan charges at him but is stopped by Bob. Will the true father be discovered?

Sandra meddles in Liv’s marriage

Sandra has another malicious plan in mind when she sees Vinny and Gabby laughing and making a joke.

Later, Sandra makes Liv feel insecure by bringing up her asexuality and how it might cause problems in her marriage, calling Gabby and Vinny’s budding friendship into question.

Sandra is pleased that she appears to have planted seeds of doubt in Liv’s mind.

Liv is left uneasy by Sandra’s comments

Gabby is taken aback when Sandra mentions Liv and Vinny’s marital problems, and she unwittingly plays right into Sandra’s hands when she offers to speak with Vinny.

Liv is taken aback when Gabby arrives at Mill Cottage to speak with Vinny. Sandra later adds to Liv’s skepticism by questioning Gabby’s true intentions. Liv is concerned, but Sandra is overjoyed that her plan is working.

Zak struggles with memories

Zak decides not to attend Faith’s party because the prospect of losing Faith brings back too many painful memories of Lisa’s death.

Zak prefers to be alone with his memories of Lisa, but Faith is determined to persuade him otherwise.

Mack and Charity reflect

Charity and Mack are struggling to cope with their recent tragedy and what it means for the future of their relationship.

The two share a touching moment of reflection. Will they be able to overcome this adversity?

Naomi plots

Naomi has been the source of contention since her arrival, but she appears to have softened when it comes to her brother, Ethan.

Naomi devises a plan to make Ethan happy and reunite him with Marcus in order to make amends.

Dan has a crush

Dan and Harriet have grown closer since Dan and Amelia were evicted and Harriet offered them a place to stay at Woodbine Cottage, but Dan appears to want to be more than just friends.

He’s devastated when he asks Harriet out for a drink and she has no idea what he’s up to. Will Dan’s feelings go unrequited?


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