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‘I tried London’s ‘best’ fish and chip shop and it was like something from EastEnders’

Since there are many chippies in London, choosing the finest one could be challenging. MyLondon reporter Ayo visited one of London’s top restaurants, and she described it as a “travel back in time.”

Old-fashioned furnishings have a way of putting you at rest. (Photo via MyLondon)

The same way as drinking tea is a British custom, so is getting a chippie. You just can’t beat it, and refusing to partake in one might even be a crime. A way of life is stopping at the chippie.

You might occasionally lose the beloved chip shop that you always frequented as neighbourhoods change and businesses close. In other situations, you could be fortunate enough that the chip shop you frequented as a youngster continues to be a staple for your children. A nice chippie is the one thing that may truly characterise a place.

Because of this, when I set out to find London’s top chip shops, I found a hidden gem. I made the decision to visit The Fryer’s Delight and headed down to Holborn. It didn’t have the overtly bright facade or the flash and glamour you might expect from a modern store; instead, it had an old-fashioned vibe.

In Holborn, The Fryer’s Delight is like taking a trip back in time (Image: MyLondon)

An older man in a white chef’s jacket welcomed me, and I felt well at home. I’m not sure why, but something about it exudes confidence and authority in your skills. I entered to find canteen-style tables, simple décor, and the buzz of people enjoying their meals. It was just serene, like something you don’t see much of anymore. People came for one thing and one thing only; there was no distractingly loud music or business conversations.

I moved hypnotically to my table as the aroma of frying food touched my nostrils. I knew I was in for a treat if the food was as delicious as it smelled. If I’m being completely honest, I believe that the Hackney chip shops I’ve been to have treated me well. Since I’ve never had a terrible one, I often wonder, “How could you do a bad one?” when people say this one is the best.

Fluffy chips and golden cod? I was thrilled. (Photo via MyLondon)

The Fryer’s Delight definitely did not disappoint. My eyes glowed when the cod and chips sat in front of me. The batter was immediately noticeable as being crunchy, and the chips had the ideal amount of fluffiness. I wasn’t going to turn around and be sorry. I was careful to take my time with each bite so I could thoroughly appreciate what was in front of me.

That vibe of a traditional chip shop grew stronger as I sat and observed folks entering and leaving. While I was sitting down, construction workers, tourists, office workers, and families all in. They all joked around a little with the staff before leaving or taking a seat in front of me. Without the drama, it gave me the impression that I was in Walford and seeing people enter Beale’s Plaice.

Finding the ketchup in a vintage bottle was the cherry on top because I felt it was missing something (Image: MyLondon)

What made this so appealing were the canteen-style booths, the checkerboard tiles, and the stained glass tiles; being able to visit someplace that seemed like a step back in time. Not something you’d anticipate happening in 2022. The fact that it was cash-only was another thing that would typically irritate me. Normally, if a company told me that, I’d huff and puff, but hearing it here? I gladly did as it seemed natural.

Although it cost me a little over £10.50, I couldn’t be upset about it given the circumstances and the amount of food I received.

I felt comfortable there in every way, even with the food (Image: MyLondon)

The Fryer’s Delight is distinguished by its atmosphere more than its excellent food. It was enjoyable to stroll through an area that seemed unaffected by the outer world’s constant change. The hospitality of the men that work there enhances the experience, and the food is excellent. I left feeling bloated and wondering how I may manage to do the rest of the day’s work. The one thing I wished I had ordered was mushy peas, but I suppose that’s an excuse to go back.


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