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Nina Wadia teases potential for EastEnders return as Zainab Masood

She had good things to say about her time on the soap.

Zainab Masood from EastEnders may eventually make a comeback, according to Nina Wadia.

When she left Walford in 2013 with her young son Kamil, whom she shares with her ex-husband Masood Ahmed, the formidable character was last observed (Nitin Ganatra).

When asked about her time on the BBC program, Wadia told Metro.co.uk that she has good memories of the experience and wouldn’t rule out making a comeback if the right circumstances arose.

People still ask me when I’m returning despite the fact that I left nearly ten years ago. Of course, I’d return. I had a great time, she said.

“I never say never because you never know when or where you’ll get the next job. I love EastEnders very much. I had a great time there and met a lot of friends.

Wadia responded, “Actually, I won the Best Comedy Performance in a Soap! ” when she was made aware of the soap industry’s more dramatic aspects. I don’t believe EastEnders had ever previously won that. They invited me in to add humor and some life to the situation.

“Soap had never been on my agenda, but they gave me the opportunity to create someone from scratch with Zainab Masood, and they wanted her to be funny.”

Because Zainab took herself very seriously, the character had a certain amount of comedic value. If a neighbor did something to annoy or inconvenience her, she was often seen expressing her rage.

However, the comedy was set aside in favor of some incredibly powerful material when Zainab discovered that son Syed (Marc Elliot) was gay and in love with Christian Clarke (John Partridge). Who could ever forget the New Year’s Day incident where she confronted her son’s partner?

Zainab eventually came to accept Syed’s relationship with Christian, despite the fact that she initially forced him to get married to Amira Shah (Preeya Kalidas) because of her Muslim faith. During her six years in Albert Square, the protagonist dealt with a lot, including domestic abuse.

Since then, Wadia has appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and in the TV shows Death in Paradise and Holby City.

Additionally, she explained why she had to leave EastEnders, stating: “It got too much for me. I wanted to try something new and start over.

Because being a parent requires spending a lot of time away from your family, it was a combination of that and making sure I spent a little more time with my children.


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