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‘Please no’: Coronation Street viewers plead bosses to change Sally Metcalfe storyline

Fans of Coronation Street are getting more and more worried that Sally Metcalfe’s husband Tim will betray her by having an affair.

Viewers of the ITV program have seen Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor), who is married to Tim (Joe Duttine), struggle with their marriage over the past few months. Aggie Bailey, a friend of Tim’s, and he have become closer as a result of his confiding in her. Viewers are pleading with executives to prevent Tim and Aggie’s friendship from turning into something more.

Tim confided in Aggie earlier this year about his fear of dying as a result of his triple-heart bypass, which left him with impotence.

His relationship with Sally has been severely strained as a result, and the two have been working to resolve their problems—part of which, unbeknownst to Sally, is due to Aggie’s counsel.

Last week’s scenes showed the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary, which didn’t get off to the best of starts when Tim decided to play a practical joke on his wife and pretend to have forgotten.

However, when she ripped up their card and stormed out of the house, this quickly backfired.

He admitted it was all a joke and gave her a lovely necklace that Aggie assisted him in choosing.

Aggie had to tell her own husband where the necklace came from because Tim decided to give it to her as a gift as a thank you for helping him.

Concerns among fans who believe an affair is imminent have been raised by watching the pair get close and having to keep things from their significant others.

Following the events, viewers immediately took to Twitter to ask managers to prevent a cheating scandal.

I hope Tim and Aggie aren’t having an affair, Kez said. No, please.

“I really hope the writers don’t have Tim & Aggie having an affair,” Bobby Dazzler continued. Tim and Sally make a wonderful couple.”

Aggie lying about the necklace Tim gave her, said Michelle Jones. Writers, please don’t let them have a liaison.”

“I sincerely hope Tim and Aggie won’t start an illicit relationship. It’s a lovely friendship, and there’s no need for it to develop further, Victoria Murray continued.

Jake snatched: “Let them be friends looking out for each other. If the writers make Tim and Aggie have an affair, I will be so angry.”

“I really love the friendship that Aggie Bailey & Tim Metcalfe have,” Chantelle exclaimed. We can only hope that Corrie doesn’t turn it into an affair and that it stays that way!

However, it appears that Sally will soon learn about her husband’s close friendship with Aggie in the episodes airing this week.

Sally and Tim are headed to the Bistro to celebrate their anniversary when they see Ed and Aggie. After months of struggling, they finally find their romantic spark in the bedroom.

The four of them sit down to enjoy some food as Ed invites the couple to join them at their table. Sally notices Aggie’s necklace, which her husband bought for her.

After their intimate time together earlier that evening, Aggie is perplexed to see them both in a flirtatious mood, which doesn’t sit well with Tim.

When he notices her confusion, he decides to send her a message. However, in a terrible error, he sends it to his wife instead, which may result in some awkward explanations at dinner.


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