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Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

Are ads similar to Taboola or Outbrain bad for SEO?

Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo
Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

For many companies, SEO is a driving worry, and with an excellent reasons. Paid advertisements are costly and usually not accessible to small-sized businesses. Moreover, many “growth hacks” could lead to the dark side and put your site at risk of black-hat penalties. It’s left to the SEO methods that are light in comparison to grow your website over the long run, however even as slow these methods might be. Since they’re so slow, website owners tend to be focused on every possible optimization they can, in order to ensure that their growth is as quick as is possible.- Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

The obvious issue to consider to determine if the particular method or plugin, ad network or the media you select to utilize can improve or harm the SEO. One of these possible solutions is the ad network Outbrain and Taboola So let’s examine them and find out where they stand. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

What is Taboola Outbrain, Taboola and others?

Taboola, Outbrain, Zemanta and a few more copycats are advertising networks that run as native ads in boxes. They are aplenty over low- and mid-tier news sites, clickbait websites and other pages such as The Weather Channel, and any other site that is able to consistently get a huge number of visitors, even with minimal or moderate engagement. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

I refer to them as native advertising networks since their ads are designed to appear exactly like the appearance of a “related post” widget as is possible. If you’re using a similar post widgets, boxes be displayed beneath or beside your posts that contain pictures, titles, and hyperlinks that point to posts elsewhere on your website usually created by the widget, rather than fixed as internal hyperlinks. People are comfortable clicking on these links because they’re related to other posts on your site. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

Native networks such as Taboola and Outbrain profit from this trust by putting up additional “related posts” boxes, with a tiny “sponsored” label. These boxes redirect the user away from your website and on to another website, one paying for their ads to be on display. Sometimes these related posts come with pictures and titles that are very clickbait that make you be curious about what they’re talking about and then clicking to see if you know. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

The issue is Native Ad Networks

There are plenty of possible problems that could arise from these networks. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

1 takes advantage of trust among users. These networks specifically came into existence as a method to earn money from related posts and, due to the massive initial click through percentages and rates of conversion, a lot of advertisers took them on. The issue is that the advertisers must stand out in a sea of 6-10 ads, which means they must be as appealing as they can. In the end, they’ll tend to fall into clickbait tactics. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

People who are confident enough to navigate through internal hyperlinks to view your post’s related ones are likely to be disappointed whenever they select something that they believed you had posted but discover a website they’re not familiar with or, more importantly, don’t know about and enjoy, and viewing material that is offensive and doesn’t have anything to do with their interests other than curiosity.

They will be less inclined to visit similar hyperlinks in the future regardless whether they’re sponsored by you or not, since the differences between them are small. It can affect internal traffic to your website over the long term and also affects all users who use related content as more people are exposed the dangers of these websites. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

2. They are executed within JavaScript plug-ins. This has a variety of issues that could arise. One of them is that anyone who is using a noscript plugin turning off JavaScript within their web browsers or using an ad blocker, will not view the advertisements. Of those who render all that the same way, it could slow down the user experience for some.

Outbrain states that they load synchronously to ensure that it doesn’t affect the speed of your website as a webmaster, however this isn’t all the time for the user depending on how poor their internet connection. Yes, the framework of your website and content should load, but a lot of users wait for the site to load fully before working through the site. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

3. The content they offer is typically low-quality as well as clickbait, spammy, or clickbait. You wouldn’t publish such content on your website, but when you’re using a native advertising network similar to the above it’s hard to think of a choice to hyperlink to it. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

It’s impossible to proactively filter the thousands or hundreds of websites that may appear on your site at any time There’s always more junk to replace the content you filter. Actually, I’m not sure if you can filter specific websites or content via the ads networks. It’s logical that you could, but sometimes, it’s not always clear sense. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

Gatekeepers and outsiders

A fascinating side effect of the current native advertising industry can be it is that Taboola along with Outbrain are essentially impairing the water. They know what they’re doing by they are letting you access massive volumes of content that isn’t of high quality and earning a lot of cash doing it. They won’t stop until they’re destroyed by an external force, specifically something similar to the Google algorithmic modification. Don’t even think that they don’t know the kind of content they are able to send via their systems. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

As a huge example for native ads, they’re one of the first name that comes to mind when they’re seeking native advertising solution. They draw new customers and are growing. They also put an on the smaller replicas in an attempt to hinder them to take on. In the same way the content that is of low quality and the lower number of visits

– which I’ve mentioned earlier – make it difficult for them to establish an opponent. It’s hard to convince people to put in place native ads that boast of top quality content even when every single example they come across online is in opposition to. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

Google’s official Stance

Concerning Google, what is their position on this issue? They must not be disapproving, as the networks are still in existence aren’t they? If they completely destroyed SEO nobody would ever want to use these networks. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo – Incredibly, Google does not have much in the form of official statements about Taboola or Outbrain. They haven’t penalized websites using the networks, nor did they made statements in support of these networks. Google certainly knows this content to be usually in the form of spam, but it’s not a problem for content creators, it’s a problem for content creators.

When The Weather Channel runs Taboola and is pushing a lot of uninteresting content to its viewers, TWC isn’t going to be penalized for the content. The publishers of the thin content must share their create content that is compatible with Panda. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

There’s only one mention of an official Google representative I could find, and it’s via Nathan Johns, who is a fairly quiet member of the quality of search team. This is a small acknowledgment that he at least internally if isn’t Google considers these advertising networks as spam and clickbait. It’s not an official position, it’s more of a Twitter-style sassy snap , more than anything else. You can read the tweet on this page. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

Outbrain has two blog posts on their official site about their influence on SEO.

The most recent and first blog post can be found in the one below. They discuss the way the advantages to a website result not from SEO, but rather from the behavior of visitors and advertising revenue. They offer examples of how their plugin doesn’t benefit or harms SEO. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

  • Like I said, the whole thing is executed in JavaScript. Their argument is that even though Google can read JavaScript however, they are not likely to be attentive to and index results of JavaScript which can harm the site that uses it when they’re trying to disguise malicious links, tamper with keywords or disrupt customer experience, or breach any of the Google code of conduct for search.- Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo
  • Every traffic that goes from the publisher to advertisers is routed through the redirect website paid.outbrain.com, which is set to noindex, meaning there’s no PageRank or link juice transfer from one site to the next. This eliminates the risk of those links being counted as web-wide links. This could be detrimental to SEO. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo
  • An asynchronous process by the plugin helps to reduce the issues that arise in website speed and is a key ranking factor in search results. The plugin’s position will determine the speed the plugin will generally not make your site load slower, only the sponsored posts that are at the lower part on the webpage.

If all this is true and the extension is correctly implemented the plugin should have no effect on SEO whether both positive and negative. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

The third, and older, blog post on SEO in Outbrain can be found in the one you’re reading. It basically asserts that you’re not going to benefit from SEO using their widget and that you should not be penalized. However, they do display some of their more cautious approach to the widget, however and attempt to convince you not to think about the SEO impact that you could take by using it because you’ll receive more value from the behavior aspect. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

It’s true that there’s no real SEO effect However, you do need to be aware of what you’re getting from the deal. Let’s break it down from the viewpoint of the company using Taboola or Outbrain advertisements, and the company that is paying for the exposure.

As a Publisher, Losing Traffic

As a creator running native ads similar to these networks, you’re entering the market with one aim in mind; to earn some profit from your website’s traffic. You’re looking to make money from the viewers who view your content. Because the posts you link to receive many visits from your visitors You want to make money from the clicks. – Taboola Outbrain Bad Seo

The issue is that users who clicked the links have left your site. According to as this post on Moz shows it could be a negative thing. The kind of people who have read a complete article and then visit a related page are the most desirable people to attract to your website. They’re highly-quality readers, who are engaged by your content and that want to know more. You’re taking the potential value for your website and transferring it to a site that you’re not familiar with or even care about. This isn’t just any website visitors, they’re your most valuable visitors to your site to be discarded.

Even if and the visitors come back to your website and visit again, they’ll be less likely to click the links to your posts regardless of whether the links are genuine or not. The result is that you earn less from your ads in time, and lose those internal visits of potential customers, which could mean losing conversions too.

There’s a scenario in which this could work amazingly positively for you, as an editor. The Weather Channel is one an example. If your site is built on a specific task, and users typically visit only one page before leaving the site, you’re in a position to have lots of possibilities. The majority of users will look up the weather, take note of the details, and then quit the website.

Through the implementation of something similar to Taboola the users leave the site using the clickbait mechanism and instead of departing without any benefits to TWC leaving, they do so via the commercial click. This makes the website lots of money, and they don’t really care regarding internal clicks.

As an advertiser, Gaining Attention

From the point of view from the perspective of the advertiser, you must take into consideration the type of traffic that is coming in. If you’re the one who is publishing poor quality thin, clickbait or uninformed content, visitors coming from decent sites that see your content are bound to be dissatisfied. A few of them might browse through clickbait links for a short time and earn your money, others may click on a random hyperlink, however the vast majority will do nothing other than leaving.

You’re paying money to entice the top readers from other websites however they’re not your top readers. They’re usually offended by the snub of their confidence. If you’re able to make money from those people, then more power to you, but the majority of websites aren’t able to do it well sufficient to warrant the cost of advertising in the first place.


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