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Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

How Speed of Websites Affects Your Google SEO Ranking

Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking
Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

It is no secret that people prefer a speedy loading website over one that is slow. The primary motives behind why people start blogs or creating websites is to expand or create the business, and to communicate and to share their passions with others. Whatever the reason, you must your site to be mobile-friendly. The most crucial aspect that makes a website adaptive can be “website performance.”

However, when you hear “website speeds” as well as ” SEO,” they are able to appear from two distinct domains. This is why the majority of users do not understand … – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

What Does the Speed of Websites Impact SEO?

It’s not easy to increase the number of visitors on your site in the absence of Google searches. If you’re hoping to get the free traffic that comes from Google ensure that your website is running quickly.

Why? A study conducted by MachMetrics found that in 2018, the average loading time for websites was between 8 and 11 seconds. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

The issue?

A majority of customers will leave your site in the event that it takes more than three seconds to load, according to research conducted by Google . – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

Google introduced a new algorithm for ranking known as RankBrainyears back in August and it has affected numerous webmasters. A lot of website owners have seen decreased traffic. Let’s talk about it in detail … – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

What is Google RankBrain?

RankBrain is the Google’s first machine learning algorithm. Its purpose is to comprehend what information should be displayed on the search results’ first page. It examines how users engage with sites. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

What’s the Process? RankBrain Do Its Work?

Google RankBrain considers two factors when assessing the rank of websites:

  • CTR (Click-through rate)
  • Dwell time

The second aspect (dwell time) is related to speed of websites. We’ll therefore focus on that to make sure you don’t waste time. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

What’s Dwell Time?

This is an Google ranking factor that is related to your website’s speed and responsiveness.

Dwell time refers to the amount of time people spend on your site. It’s that easy.

The longer that visitors stay on your site the better Google places you on its search results.

Here’s the way it functions: – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

If the majority of visitors who visit your site leave within less than five minutes, it’s an indicator of a negative signal (high percentage of bounce) that is a problem for Google. RankBrain automatically informs Google that “users are not happy on your website.” A negative experience is simply a sign that users don’t like your site and the way it operates. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

What happens then? Google will simply remove your rank as it seeks to provide to give users the best experience.

Also, the greater bounce rate you have the lower your site will be ranked in Google.

In actual fact, an analysis of 1.3 million Google results from Backlinko has found that sites with lower bounce rates are ranked higher than those with a higher bounce. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

How Can You Make Your Website’s Customers Feeling Happy?

What do you feel like when you go to a website that loads very quickly? Wow! You can find the information you need quickly, and you’re happy. This is the way Google is looking for from its users.

So, if you’re hoping to earn the respect of Google it is essential to ensure that your visitors are content so that they won’t be rushed off (bounce). The most effective methods to offer an enjoyable experience for your clients and customers is to provide an extremely fast loading website. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

Speed of a website is a major aspect of user experience. No one will visit a site that takes forever to load. Keep in mind the fact that 53% your users quit your site when it takes more than three seconds to show up. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

The quicker your website loads, the more satisfied your users are. The happier your visitors are and the less bounce rate. If you have a lower bounce percentage, better your rank on Google.

This is how speed on your website impacts SEO. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

Another method of understanding how speed of your website can affect your SEO is by …


Whatever your industry it is likely that you have rivals. That’s where the speed of your website can harm your business. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

The Backlinko study that was mentioned earlier has also shown speedier loading websites are ranked ahead of those that load slower. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

Let’s take a look at three scenarios:

I’m guessing that you and your rival have gorgeous websites that catch the people’s attention and have the same authority in domains.. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

1. Your website’s content may be identical to your competition’s. However, his site takes 1 second to load, while yours loads in five seconds.

Who will Google going to be focusing on? Your rival! Since he likely provides an experience that is better for users.

Scenario 2. You have more information than your rival. But, your website loads far slower. Also, there’s the chance that he’ll win. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

3. Your website has the greatest content ever created. However there is also the lowest bounce rate as a result of the slow loading website.

Again, your competition with good content (not the top) and a low number of visitors (because of a speedy loading site) could be able to take advantage. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

The bottom line:

Slower website = higher number of bounces.

A higher bounce rate can be an indication of a poor customer experience according to Google.

Poor user experience = Low Google rank.

The reason for this is that speed on your website is important to SEO. – Website Speed Affects Google Seo Ranking

Once you’ve figured out the SEO disadvantages of speed of your website, the obvious issue to ask is …

What is the best way to check Your Website’s Speed?

Before you can speed up your website you must first to determine how fast it is. There are plenty of free tools that can measure the speed of your site. Here are three of the most effective tools to measure the speed of your site:


Ping domtool Ping domtool is among the top and most well-known. It gives speed-related insights and also outlines ways to make improvements. Pingdom is similar to Google Tool and provides specific ways for speeding up the performance of your website.

Google Page Speed Insights

It’s a given that Google could not resist making an test of speed on websites device. In reality, Google has the best method to determine the speed at which your site is operating.

This tool offers a comprehensive description of how quickly your website loads on mobile and desktop. It also provides a breakdown of the ways you can increase the speed of your site.


This is one of my favorites. It displays the actual loading speed of your site in a more precise way.

What I like the most about GTmetrix is that it can show you the themes, plugins images as well as other things. which are slowing down your website , and also how to repair it.

It’s the best thing about it is that that it will also show you the source of the problem from. Do you think it is the server itself or just the configuration of your website? Now, you know which to put your focus first.

What is it that makes a site load quickly?

1. Web Hosting

The most significant metric that determines the speed of your website is the hosting provider you choose to use. It’s the one that makes your site accessible to the world. So, you require an quick website hostif you are looking for a speedy site speed

2. Caching

The issue with speed is the size of the file. Although the suggested size for files is 500KB however, the study from 2018 conducted by MachMetrics which was previously mentioned also showed that the average size of websites is in the range of 1 MB-2.5 2 MB (that’s five times the size that is recommended! ).

Therefore, reducing your site’s size is the very first process to be followed to achieve faster loading speeds.

reduce the image size

If you don’t host videos on your site the most effective way to decrease the size of your site is to use smaller or fewer images. It is possible to use tools for free like TinyPNG to not just compress the images (change your layout) but also decrease the size of your images. It can reduce the size of images by as much as up to 65%.

Make sure to compress images prior to posting them on your site or blog.

Set up Smuch Plugin Smuch Plugin

Smuch is a no-cost WordPress plugin that compresses images prior to they are used on your site. In addition to TinyPng, this plug-in can assist you in gaining some page loading speed.

Make use of a Caching Plugin

If you’re using WordPress to manage your website you should consider using caching plugins, such as W3 Total Cache which can improve the speed of your site by performing tasks such as:

  • Caching of the browser
  • GZIP compression
  • HTML/CSS minification
  • Reduce HTTP requests

3. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN is a different tool that you can utilize to boost the speed of loading your website. It provides your website with users from around the globe and, in doing so it decreases the time to load.

The majority of the top web hosting firms offer a free CloudFlare CDN. It is possible to use it even in the event that your website is not large. If, however, you have an extremely demanding website, you must look into the premium version or a premium CDN service.

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think of speed of websites? What’s the next step? Do you plan to optimize your site’s speed, or are you switching to a more efficient and SEO-friendly hosting provider? Tell us in the comment section below.


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