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What Home & Away heartthrob Beau Brady looks like today

It was pretty clear Beau Brady would become a star when he made his small-screen debut in Home and Away as Noah Lawson, especially since his first scene involved saving Aussie sweetheart Bec Cartwright’s character Hayley.

Hayley and Noah quickly became Home and Away’s golden couple, complete with the ups and downs that soap opera couples are known for, but their chemistry spilled over and they started dating off-screen, providing the show’s viewers with the ideal celebrity couple.

Nobody on the soap opera set was surprised when the young couple started dating.

They weren’t surprised because they could see it coming. They probably all asked, “What took you so long?” At the time, Bec said, “Everyone has been really encouraging.

Before Beau proposed to Bec, the two had dated for four years. The fairytale, however, was short-lived when Bec abandoned Beau in favor of tennis player Lleyton Hewitt, breaking his heart.

The tennis champion proposed to Bec just six weeks after the two of them went on their first date, and she said yes.

Beau admitted to Woman’s Day in 2010 that “proposing to Bec was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.” “It

However, it was clear that Beau was still extremely hurt by Bec’s betrayal seven years later. He revealed to the publication that while he and Bec were organizing their own wedding, Bec and Lleyton became friends over text.

I’m just guessing, but I’m still not really sure why Bec ended things. Perhaps it was because I didn’t own a Ferrari, he continued.

Beau found work in Australian movies like The Sapphires, The King, and Voodoo Lagoon after leaving Home And Away before trying his luck in the UK and Hollywood.

But other than a few brief cameos and commercials, his career didn’t really take off abroad.

Beau received four nominations for best actor in Home and Away, but he hasn’t been particularly fond of the experience.

The former actor told TV Week, “I don’t want anything to do with Home And Away or anything like that.

“I would advise any actor who was considering joining Home And Away to stay for a year before leaving.

“I had some fun, but if I could go back and change a lot of things, I would. If the opportunity to work on a soap again arose, I would probably decline because I don’t feel that way anymore.

“However, if it were a series, without a doubt, as they are all unique. In a soap opera, everything about you is revealed, but in a series, you maintain a little more of your integrity.”

In recent years, Beau has kept his personal life largely private, maintaining a low profile and even going by the alias Johnny Brady.

Beau will, however, make a comeback on screen as Johnny Brady in the upcoming (though significantly postponed) sci-fi series We Were Tomorrow.

Following in the footsteps of his father, an army commando, the actor joined the Australian Army Reserves in 2018 after finishing filming that series.

The now-40-year-old creates custom guitars, industrial furniture, and dabbles in Non Fungible Tokens when he isn’t working in the marine yard (NFTs).

If he will catch the acting bug again, only time will tell.


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