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Huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

Alfie’s shocking secret is revealed on EastEnders the following week, while Chelsea confides in Jack and Suki and Eve have a passionate moment.

Here is a complete list of the top 14 events to be on the lookout for:

Alfie plans a grand gesture for Kat

Alfie is motivated to make a significant gesture to win Kat back because he is still adamant about doing so.

Freddie assists Alfie in creating a lavish floral display for Kat, but things go south when she learns where the flowers actually came from.

Chelsea hides her struggles

Howie starts his first day as a postman by bringing Chelsea’s worried bills.

A struggling Chelsea feels she can’t ask Denise for financial assistance as the debts mount.

Amy and Denzel are caught out

When Chelsea catches Amy and Denzel skipping class to be together, they are embarrassed.

Amy begs Chelsea to refrain from telling Jack, who has already arrived home early.

While Denzel sneaks out, Chelsea covers for Amy, but Jack immediately notices something is amiss.

Alfie’s secret is revealed

Alfie apologizes to Kat for the mistake with the flowers but maintains that their friendship is all that matters to him.

Kat starts to warm up a little and agrees to go out for a drink with him at The Vic, where things take yet another unexpected turn.

When a young woman walks into the pub to remind Alfie that he is getting married tomorrow, Kat and Alfie are rendered speechless.

Stacey gives Suki a warning

When telling Kheerat about a business meeting that she wants him to attend, Suki rudely dismisses Eve in Stacey’s presence.

Stacey explains that she has created an online dating profile for Eve and matched her with a date who will be visiting The Albert in an effort to get Eve to move on.

Eve and Stacey run into Suki and Ravi while Eve is out on a date, and Stacey makes it clear that Suki should avoid Eve.

Alfie plans a shock wedding

Alfie cries out for an explanation as Kat is shocked to learn that he is getting married.

Alfie adamantly maintains that the young lady, Megan, is not the woman he is engaged to marry and offers to take Kat to see his real fiancée so she can find out the truth.

Chelsea confides in Jack

Chelsea acknowledges that she uses Jack and Denise’s washing machine because her own is broken and she lacks the funds to fix it.

Jack, who is worried, offers her some cash but later informs Chelsea that he is unable to give her any more.

Denise is unnerved by Jack’s suggestion to Chelsea that she rent out rooms in her house because he is still trying to help, despite their obvious bond.

Amy and Denzel feel the pressure

Patrick questions Denzel when he gets home and forces him to admit that he has feelings for someone.

Denzel later uses this as an opportunity to tell Amy he’d like to be exclusive after Patrick gives him the idea to get Amy a gift.

When Amy says she’s in a relationship with Denzel, Nugget, Lily, and Tommy interrupt the conversation and make fun of her.

Amy and Denzel are already hurt and ashamed, but their friends are still pressuring them about Denzel’s gift and its significance.

Suki is haunted by the past

Suki, who is upset, rejects Ravi’s suggestion that she attend the business meeting with Harpreet in his place.

Harpreet inquires about working with Ranveer during the meeting, giving the impression that Suki has had to compromise her morals in order to work with him.

Suki rushes out the door in panic, overwhelmed.

Suki and Eve get passionate

Eve sneaks away from her date when she sees Suki upset so she can console her.

Suki gains confidence from Eve’s support and charms Harpreet, who wants to do business with her right away and even offers to fly her to Mumbai the next day.

Suki is appreciative of Eve’s advice and they share a passionate kiss afterward.

Eve supports Suki

Suki is departing for Mumbai, Eve informs a frazzled Vinny.

Eve notices Vinny’s relief and tells him to convince his brothers to support Suki. She then tells Kheerat to visit his mother before she leaves.

Nish arrives in Walford

When told that Nish will still be leaving prison in the coming days, Vinny is astounded.

Vinny experiences a panic attack when Nish arrives in Walford at the end of the week.

Eve is left heartbroken

Eve follows Suki home after she sustains injuries after experiencing another setback with her family.

They eventually give in to their feelings for one another, but Eve experiences new levels of heartbreak the following day.

Ravi gets closer to Stacey

Stacey mentions that Hope’s birthday party has been postponed, and Ravi overhears and offers to host it at Walford East.

However, what will Kheerat think of this and does Ravi have a hidden agenda here?


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