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Coronation Street spoilers: Summer Spellman discovers she’s pregnant after being dumped

Fans of Coronation Street will soon witness teenager Summer Spellman learn that she is carrying Aaron Sandford’s child.

As seen by viewers this week, Summer (Harriet Bibbyboyfriend )’s Aaron (James Craven) broke up with her because he preferred to concentrate on his father’s recovery from the house fire. The devastated teen has been working at the charity clothing store to keep herself occupied. Although after finding out she’s pregnant, viewers will soon see how her situation will become more complicated.

ITV soap opera viewers have recently seen Aaron confide in his partner that his father drinks too much.

As she begs him not to go home when he gets ready to leave, Summer notices that she is receiving a barrage of abusive messages from him.

Daniel Brocklebank’s Billy Mayhew and Gareth Pierce’s Todd Grimshaw promised to check on him and when they returned, they informed the teenagers that he was drunk and enraged, they decided to leave him alone.

Aaron feels guilty for not being there to watch over him when the police show up later to reveal that his father was injured in a house fire and is in the hospital.

Aaron admits he needs to focus on his dad, leaving the teen heartbroken, despite Summer following to be the understanding girlfriend.

The youth decides to focus on something positive by assisting Esther Hayes with the charity clothes swap, according to official soap opera spoilers for the upcoming episode.

The bereaved teen is silent as she watches Aaron walk by as Summer, Asha, and Nina begin to assist with the stall.

Later, he admits to Asha that even though he still cares about Summer, he must put his dad’s needs first in the wake of the fire.

Gemma is displaying her brand-new denim jacket that she acquired from the clothing exchange as she and Chesney are in the cafe at the same time.

Chesney decides to try and find Gemma’s phone in her jacket pocket when it starts to ring as she uses the restroom, but to his surprise, a positive pregnancy test falls out.

She is relieved to learn that it doesn’t belong to Gemma and, determined to solve the mystery, confronts Daisy and Carla first.

Paul must conceal his shock when he realizes that the jacket actually belonged to Summer in the first place.

When he locates the teen, he asks her about the test that was discovered, and she confesses that she and Aaron have made up and will decide together about the baby as a couple.

Aaron and Summer arrive at Ester’s invitation to lunch to thank her for her assistance at the stall but discover Billy has also been invited.

Billy realizes she’s pregnant after Paul mentions Summer’s condition, prompting her to leave the bar with Ester following closely behind.

When she finally catches up with the teenager in Victoria Garden, she offers the teen the chance to adopt her child after explaining to her that she and Mike are unable to have children of their own.

She is shocked by the suggestion and later shares it with the expectant father, who is also astounded. She then expresses her worries about pregnancy, diabetes, and the difficulties she would face.

Aaron quickly understands the gravity of the situation they both find themselves in when Summer later returns home and finds Billy, Todd, and Paul talking about her pregnancy and body image issues.

According to a theory put forth by yzee.uk, after considering Ester’s advice, Summer decides she wants to place the child for adoption. Aaron, however, may not share her sentiments because he longs to be the father that his own was unable to be.

Could the teenagers’ recent reconciliation lead to another breakup due to a disagreement over a course of action?


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