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Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

7 Strategies to Increase Website Traffic by Using messaging Apps

Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps
Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

To increase the number of visitors to your eCommerce site must be a top priority. However, mastering SEO (SEO) as well as social marketing and advertising may be too much of a task. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

Before you dive into these strategies consider: How often do you think about the use of text messages as one of the ways to reach out?

The use of text messaging can be a very popular activity. As of July 2020 2 billion people are using the most popular messaging application – WhatsApp. With 90 percent of messages read and opened in less than five seconds, ignoring the huge gains you could achieve from this responsive channel is a wasted chance. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

We’ll discuss seven ways to use SMS apps to boost the number of people who visit your site.

Begin by Understanding Who Your Customers Are

When you’re putting together your marketing strategy is it possible to let data serve as your designer?

Analytics software can help you discern patterns in the behaviour of your website visitors. Utilizing these data, you’ll have an understanding of the needs of your visitors and what they are looking for will assist you satisfy their demands. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

user behavior analytics (UBA) is a method of tracking every step taken by your website. By monitoring a variety of user behaviors, UBA allows you to look into what your visitors are doing both good and bad. This adds a level of depth to your research will also provide an easier way of understanding how and “why.” What’s the reason I experience an upswing this week? Why did they not close the purchase? Why won’t my CTAs work?

Once you’ve identified the fundamental behaviours of your clients You must create buyer personas. Personas can be described as character-based profiles which take into account the common habits of customers who visit your website. Personas let you show the steps your customers or site visitors undergo before they turn into a purchase. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

The average is that only 3 per cent of users will convert. It’s a tough task to keep them entertained for long enough, but engagement should begin with a thorough understanding of your visitors’ needs wishes, desires and wants.

With the growing global use of apps that text Make it a top priority to incorporate them into your strategy for customer engagement.

Here are 7 Strategies You Can Implement through Messaging Applications to boost site traffic

1. Personalize the Experience

Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps – The act of mentioning names of someone else is the best method of attracting their interest. Our names are a profound connection to our personal identities and allow us to feel respected.

The power of personalization within your communications can result in greater engagement, particularly in the event that more than 54 percent customers think they’re more likely to purchase goods from companies that provide personal messages.

A personalized outreach strategy and engagement can help drive traffic to your website. People who feel valued and respected by others are more likely to recommend their excellent experiences to family and friends. Indeed 70% of customers indicated that they would be more likely to recommend a business once they’ve receiving personal messages. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

2. Engage more

Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps – Utilizing text messages to draw the attention of your website is a strategy that works. It can be in the form of text messages within your app that include your app on the web as well as any chat prompts that appear on your website or through SMS to your existing subscribers. Due to its incredible opening rate of 98 % SMS is usually more effective at removing background noise over other methods.

The second most-popular messaging application, Facebook Messenger is also an ideal channel to help your efforts. Messenger bots are able to provide opening rates as high as more than 88 percent, and CTRs (CTRs) that exceed fifty percent. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website is to give discounts and promotions through text. For eCommerce such as this, it can include sending a discount code or a link to an offer , or an offer that is time-bound. Other sites can encourage more visitors by alerting users to new content that you’re creating or by running competitions.

3. Target Your Advertising

WhatsApp is a platform with the “no marketing” philosophy that means that running ads via the platform isn’t possible. If you’re a small-scale business and you want to sell products, you can do so via an app called the WhatsApp Business application. If you’re an enterprise with a greater size it is possible to provide chat-based commerce using the . – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

Facebook Messenger has an audience of more than one billion people and is already owned by WhatsApp which is why making your marketing goals there is more sensible. Facebook Messenger is a thriving users base, as well as an array of tools you can start using.

Facebook Messenger Ads can be a fantastic option to reach out to your customers and there’s a wide range of options to choose from, including targeted advertising, paid messages, and ads in the home section. Each of these can allow users to initiate an exchange with you. In order to re-engage lapsed site users, Facebook Messenger is a fantastic method. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

4. Encourage Sharing

Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps – Increasing traffic to your website is about making it easier for visitors. Today the attention span of our customers is practically insignificant. If you include messaging apps on those sharing options on social networks you can increase engagement immediately. There are shares buttons available for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter do you not? Include share buttons for WhatsApp and Messenger too.

If you’re operating an WordPress website there are several plugins that can help.

The second aspect you must concentrate on is encouraging user-generated media (UGC). With 83 % of customers believing they’re more likely to believe in their friends than brands and this could be more persuasive. If you’ve put together up a character for your customer and you’re thinking about what activities that are geared towards the user might be a good idea to help you engage your clients. Make it a point to be creative. Whatever your motivation be sure that it’s appropriate to share via messaging apps. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

5. Set up Real-Time Customer Service

The number of businesses investing in omnichannel experiences for 2020 has increased between 20 % from 20 percent to the 80th percent. This is due to companies realizing the importance of interacting with customers where they spend the majority times. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

Through integrating Facebook Messenger with your conversational commerce platforms, you will be able to increase customer service through new channels. When connected to your chatbot Facebook Messenger can elevate customer services through automation. Uber did this by integrating the taxibot, which uses messages to inform customers about how their journeys. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

With satisfaction ratings of 72 percent, which is more than phone and email in general – the live chat feature is something to think about. It is a simple and efficient method to communicate in real-time to your site’s visitors and customers, live chat is the only way to directly address questions in chat functions. Keep in mind that you’ll have to have traffic flowing through an internet-connected device to enjoy the benefits from this method. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

6. Run Drip Campaigns

Although email marketing used to be the most popular when it came to engagement, the open as well as read rate for SMS is five times more effective. SMS drip campaigns are effective for bringing in new visitors or customers. Consider this: If you’re just beginning your relationship, you’d like to spend lots of time with the person but not so much to turn the person off but just enough to keep them intrigued. The same is true in introducing new visitors. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

With CTRs reaching 3x the rate and texts taking between 90 and 120 minutes to respond well-planned drip campaigns using text messages will yield results. Start with a welcome message via SMS, and then conduct surveys on the customer satisfaction. In the next step, based on your personality traits Consider mixing this using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to see where you get the most attention.

7. Gain Feedback

Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps – The continuous improvement process should form the main aspect of your customer interaction strategy. The information you gather can improve your data analysis and enhance your personas of your customers. Since the majority of smallerto medium-sized businesses (SMEs) say online feedback from customers has helped their businesses, using messaging apps to communicate with customers is a wise choice.

When you use Facebook Messenger, chatbots will be conducting surveys for you. You could consider using this as part of your drip marketing following the time visitors arrive on your site to sign-up for a download, download or make an purchase.

A sequence of short text messages sent via SMS can be a fantastic way to receive quick responses. Make your CTA clear, and consider including incentives, and ensure that you are sending your messages at the correct date. – Drive Site Traffic Using Messaging Apps

Text messaging is the most popular communication method for those under 50 across the U.S. To keep young generation engaged ensure that you get feedback from SMS apps.

Principal Takeaways

It’s easy not to consider the value of text messaging apps when trying to figure out ways to boost the number of visitors to your website. However, when your customers are looking for to feel appreciated and understand what they’re searching for, it’s essential to address their needs in a way that is appropriate. Your visitors will develop a loyalty to your company and also to your website after you’ve put the effort to earn their trust.

Today over 2 billion people use messaging apps to connect with one another. Text messaging apps are the best method to communicate with your clients and visitors.

Utilizing messaging applications to implement SMS automation and chatbots can improve customer service and will make customers want to return. It’s the same to create omnichannel experiences therefore, make it easy for new visitors to come to your website and remain committed to the brand you represent.


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