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EastEnders Mitchell flashback gets political as it shows economy crisis in 70s ‘winter of discontent’

Sound familiar? Numerous strikes, demands for higher pay, and disruptions to transportation You might assume we’re referring to the crisis that is still present in 2022, but we’re actually talking about the Winter of Discontent, which EastEnders will examine in the special flashback episode.

The episode, which primarily focuses on the Mitchell family, is set in the winter of 1979, when numerous employees from all over Britain went on strike to protest the government’s (at the time, Labour’s) attempt to impose wage limits in the face of inflation increase.

An enormous amount of inconvenience was caused by some trade disputes, both public and private, which was made worse by the coldest winter in roughly 16 years.

To say the least, watching this special episode will be interesting The BBC One soap opera not only carries on Steve McFadden’s (Steve McFadden) character Phil Mitchell’s storyline, but also sheds light on the struggles that families faced at this time.

Featuring in the story is Eric Mitchell, Phil and Grant’s (Ross Kemp) father.

The actor who portrays him, George Russo, has talked about the political undertones of this episode and how his personal experiences with his family helped him embody the character:

I’m somewhat familiar with the time period—the winter of discontent and the 1970s—so it’s an interesting time. I have family members from that time period, my dad is from that era, and I’m from the East End. I kind of drew on that as well because I grew up in that environment.

The actor who portrays him, George Russo, has talked about how this episode’s political undertones and his personal family history aided in developing his persona:

It’s a fascinating time; I’m somewhat familiar with the period, the winter of discontent, the 1970s. I come from the East End, my dad is from that era, and I have relatives from that era. Since I was raised in that setting, I also kind of drew on it.

of music that can help you focus. You gradually accumulate imagery, outfits that might be appropriate for the character, small pieces of jewelry, and anything else that might help the character come to life by watching material that is pertinent over time.

Charlie Heptinstall has been added to the cast as Billy Mitchell’s (Perry Fenwick) brother, Charlie.

Reflecting on what he did to learn about life during the late 70s, he revealed:

I prepared a little bit, and since I live fairly close to my grandparents, I was used to hearing their stories. When you’d comment on how cold it was, my grandfather would respond, “It’s not as cold as 79, the snowfall was crazy. I’ve learned a lot about that time period from oral histories, though. I had to research some political topics, such as what was happening with the unions, in order to fully comprehend the role.

It was fascinating to learn, and occasionally you lose sight of the fact that it had been more than 40 years ago. It’s still the early 2000s, in my opinion!


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