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Home & Away Spoilers – Cash devastated by bad news about Jasmine

The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Cash and Irene are devastated to learn about Jasmine, and Xander reverts to his old ways.

After six long weeks, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) was eager to see girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost), who had been away at the Shaw family farm in the far reaches of New South Wales. Back in July, after Wendy suffered a heart attack, Jasmine made a mercy dash to aid her ex-in-laws Ian (Frankie J. Holden) and Wendy (Amanda Muggleton).

Jasmine had also moved away from her recently discovered siblings Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander (Luke Van Os), who had moved to Summer Bay just over three months ago to get to know her.

Cash agreed to watch out for them, and Jasmine felt bad for leaving them so soon after they had sacrificed everything to be close to her. Jasmine would, after all, return before they knew it, wouldn’t she?

Everyone was happy that Jasmine was finally coming home, but Xander was especially happy to hear that Cash intended to pop the question to her.

Cash put on his suit and set out a spread of champagne and flowers as he eagerly awaited Jasmine’s arrival since he had the Beach House to himself the entire afternoon.

But as the hours passed, Cash’s worry grew. Despite the distance from the farm in Mt. Edgecombe, Jasmine shouldn’t have to travel so far.

Cash leaves Jasmine a voicemail, wondering if getting her to come home early had caused any problems as the action picks up the following week. Cash calls Jasmine, but she doesn’t answer, so as night falls, he goes to the diner to see if Irene (Lynne McGranger) has heard anything.

Cash becomes increasingly paranoid as he queries Irene and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) about whether they have spoken to Jasmine about the infamous Rose incident that he has been worrying about for weeks. Irene tries to call Ian, but he is also unreachable. Both have resisted, so Cash is still perplexed as to what took place.

It’s time for Cash to file a missing person’s report after hearing nothing from the farm the following morning, according to Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

When John (Shane Withington) sees Cash outside the surf club alone without Jasmine, he becomes worried about him. He calls Irene right away, and she gives him an update.

When the police finally return Cash’s call, he requests that they conduct a welfare check at the nearby police station. Cash is shocked by what he hears. He screams, “No, no, that can’t be right,” as John watches.

Irene begs Cash to tell her what happened—is Jasmine OK?—and John is forced to call her again as Cash frantically vents his frustrations on a punchbag in the gym.

Cash responds, “She’s fine. Before informing her that Jasmine won’t be returning home, I said, “They’re all fine.”

Cash explains that Jasmine informed the police that she was staying at the farm when they called. She requested that the police deliver the message of her love and regrets to Cash instead of trying to talk to him.

An angry Irene struggles to process everything as Cash takes a breath. Later, she queries Cash about Xander and Rose’s knowledge. Cash claims he doesn’t want them to hear it over the phone, despite the fact that it is Jasmine’s duty to inform them.

He’ll have to inform them personally, but how can he do so without making them feel foolish for uprooting their lives?

As he struggles with the mental strain of his paramedic work, Xander is already dealing with his own problems. Rose recently learned that her brother’s method of coping with patients’ deaths is to get a tattoo in their honor. As a result, Rose realized that her brother needed assistance.

When Xander finally decided to ask for help at work, it was over a conversation with Cash. Now that he has already had his first counseling session, Xander follows their advice by going to the gym with Cash.

Cash can’t bring himself to say the truth, so he just says that he hasn’t done it yet when Xander is eager to know more about the proposal. Cash understands that the news of Jasmine is going to be devastating as Xander explains that his counselor has advised him to talk more about the stress he is experiencing.

Cash arrives at the apartment that evening hoping to find Rose there as well, but when he sees Xander by himself, he realizes he can’t put it off any longer.

When Xander learns that Jasmine hasn’t even provided an explanation for her choice, he is even more shocked by the news.

He asks, “Are you sure you’re going to let her do this without telling me why?” “You merit an explanation,” I say.

Irene is adamant that she go with Cash to the farm because she believes that Xander is correct.

Xander is in a particularly bad mood that night as he tosses and turns in bed with sirens blaring continuously in his head.

When Xander calls his counselor in a panic, the counselor suggests that he try breathing exercises, but Xander notes that nothing they have given him thus far has helped.

Xander is at a loss and decides to turn to his own method of therapy as he sobs on the edge of the bed.

Fortunately, it appears that Summer Bay has an after-hours tattoo artist available for home visits. As he helps the artist set up the necessary equipment, Xander quickly browses the catalog and selects a sizable design to be inked across his pec.

As the tattoo artist gets to work, a look of relief falls across Xander’s face…

What about Xander’s tattoos?
Yes! Even Xander’s most recent tattoo is one that belonged to actor Luke Van Os. But why hadn’t we noticed it earlier?

Laura Vazquez, the show’s head of makeup, recently revealed on Instagram that the large tattoo on Luke’s chest had been covered up in earlier scenes so that it could be added to the program later. She even offered a time-lapse video of the entire procedure.


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