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EastEnders spoilers: Phil’s huge revenge against Sam as the truth is exposed

If you cross a Mitchell, you will pay. In EastEnders, that is the first rule you are taught when you get to Walford; however, Sam (Kim Medcalf) seems to have forgotten it.

Sam has no concept of respecting family because she has been enabling Jonah (Mark Mooney) and his friends to sell narcotics in the club.

She is also fully aware that Ben (Max Bowden) has begun using drugs, but she is staying quiet about it because he is also aware of the arrangement Sam has made with Jonah.

Are you, oh, keeping up?

Ben purchases additional medicines from Tez at the beginning of the week after a challenging time with Lexi.

After being kicked out of a party, Ben realises he’s running late for Lexi’s dinner and calls to say he’s on his way, but then he passes out.

Zack (James Farrar) updates Sharon (Letitia Dean) as Ben is being taken to the hospital, and Sharon soon realises her brother is trying to cover something up.

Sharon tells the truth and proves Sam knew about the drugs and had been allowing everything to happen after she finds Phil (Steve McFadden).

Sam has tension for the remainder of the week as Phil ignores her calls and quickly admits he is fully aware of the drug trade.

There is no question that Phil would exact revenge, but given that this is his sister, how far will he go?


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