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Emmerdale Joe Tate return ‘sealed’ for 50th anniversary in Kim and Jamie death twist

Since many cast comebacks have already been confirmed, Emmerdale fans may soon see the welcome return of their favorite character Joe Tate as preparations for the 50th anniversary begin.

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale have devised a plan to bring back their favorite character Joe Tate in time for the show’s 50th anniversary.

Ned Porteous’ character Joe left the soap opera in 2018 after Graham Foster passed away. Joe faked his own death and fled the country, leaving Debbie Dingle inconsolable.

But he might return soon, along with another character whose survival was confirmed, Jamie Tate, Kim’s son.

Fans believe that he may be up to no good and that he even conspired with Jamie to kill Kim at her wedding to Will Taylor.

One astute viewer made the following prediction on Twitter: “While we all want Joe Tate back in # Emmerdale, I feel like the 50th anniversary could be a good time, and maybe he helps kill Kim?

Since Jamie is expected to return, is it possible that Joe is complicit and will assist in bringing her down at her wedding?

With a string of crying emojis, the upset user continued, “I just want him back in my life okay!”

Others are just as eager to see Joe come back, with one Facebook user writing: “I would love it if Joe was back permanently, never mind coming back for the 50th anniversary!”

Another person added, “It would be nice to see him and Debbie get back together.”

One more admirer exclaimed, “It would be great to see him back in Emmerdale!”

While this was going on, someone else had a rather bizarre theory about Joe and Graham both being alive: Kim had dreamed Graham had died.

As they tweeted: “Keep in mind the time Kim lost consciousness after falling from the balcony. Consider that she is dreaming the entire time. Aaron is still with Liv, and so are Graham, Joe, Faith, etc.”

It follows the confirmation by ITV of a number of cast members, including Danny Miller as Aaron and Elizabeth Estensen as Diane Sugden.

Amy Walsh’s Tracy Metcalfe, who is currently on maternity leave, will also be coming back to the village.

According to spoilers, the village will experience a terrible storm that endangers lives as Kim and Will tie the knot.

But if Joe does decide to make a comeback, how will that impact things? Fans have differing opinions, with many speculating that he may be about to take over Home Farm with Jamie by his side.


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