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Emmerdale spoilers: Kim and Dawn go to war in major Home Farm showdown

Emmerdale’s Home Farm is quickly filling up with kids. After a disagreement with Harriet, Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Billy (Jay Kontzle) moved Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall) there as well as baby Thomas (Katherine Dow Blyton).

Billy and Dawn have been given permission to foster Clemmie (Mabel Addison), who was the cause of their disagreement.

Since learning that Millie’s father Jamie Tate is still alive and on the run after hurting Millie’s other grandmother Hazel, Kim (Claire King) has recently brought Millie (Willow Bell) to stay at Home Farm (Kate Anthony).

Both Clemmie and Millie have recently experienced challenging and upsetting lives—Millie as a result of her dad’s behavior, and Clemmie as a result of her mother’s accidental overdose death.

The two girls’ struggles adjusting to family life in the Tate/Taylor/Fletcher home are therefore not entirely unexpected. It is also not surprising that Dawn and Kim disagree about the circumstance.

In order for Millie to have the bedroom she previously used when she visited the house, Kim decides that Clemmie should switch bedrooms.

Dawn is not happy about this because she feels that Clemmie has already caused enough disruption in her life, but Kim astounds Dawn by saying that Clemmie might not be staying for very long.

Dawn is horrified by Kim’s callous behavior, but she worries that she might be right because social services are scheduled to drop by to see how Clemmie is doing. How will they perceive a troubled home?

Do Clemmie’s days at Home Farm have much longer?


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