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Emmerdale theory: Aaron Dingle to expose life-changing Al and Chas secret upon return

Al Chapman and Chas Dingle from Emmerdale have done a good job of keeping their relationship a secret from other people in the square. Aaron Dingle, according to a new theory from yzee.uk, might be planning to uncover the couple’s cover-up.

After engaging in a fight for the pub, Al (played by Michael Wildman) and Chas (Lucy Parteger) started dating. Their liaison could not have occurred at a worse time given that Chas’ mother Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) only has a few weeks to live after receiving a cancer diagnosis. While she may be using Al as a diversion, he has developed feelings for her and is likely to make things more serious in their relationship in the coming scenes.

In upcoming scenes, Al tells Chas that he takes their relationship seriously and suggests that the two of them escape together.

The following day, anticipating their future, Al organizes his finances in preparation for purchasing a home for the two of them.

Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), who is having a difficult time controlling her excitement, barely manages to catch him while he is looking at houses and assumes he is looking for them.

Al starts to feel uneasy the following day after Kerry tries to coax information about the house out of him.

She decides to plan her own surprise because she is feeling so loved-up and has a twinkle in her eye.

Al, meanwhile, tells Chas that he’s going to break up with Kerry, and he follows through by showing up at the bar prepared to do so.

He is taken aback when she unexpectedly pops the question to him while performing a rap, making everyone around them cringe.

Al is shocked by the spectacle and Chas is in awe, but he immediately says “yes” to them getting engaged.

When Al insists he is still committed to her and wants to look for a house outside the pub, Chas is shocked.

The two are horrified when someone catches them having a passionate moment because they can’t help but share it with Al.

Who could possibly have discovered them?

Due to the strain on the Dingle and their grief over Faith’s cancer diagnosis, Aaron has several reasons to return to the community.

Could Aaron be the one to have tricked the pair if he decides to pay his mother and family a visit?

Will Chas and Aaron be able to maintain their strained relationship if he witnesses her having an affair with Paddy Dingle (Dominic Brunt) or will he have to come clean about it?

The truth could be used by Aaron to blackmail his mother into giving him something he wants or needs, thus exposing the real reason he came back.

In a recent interview, the actor who plays Al, Michael Wildman, admitted that Chas and Al are committed to their relationship.

He said to Inside Soap: “I think the fact that Al is so in love with Chas will make him fight for her. He’s going to have to make some difficult decisions.

“A part of me would love for them to have a happy ending because Al is getting close to 50 and needs to find a relationship.

“I’m not surprised that they had an affair because they’ve always had a connection. Paddy is a model citizen.

Al represents the fire and the danger that Chas feels she is missing, but he’s safe, so that’s good.


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