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Emmerdale theory: Dan Spencer exposes Harriet Finch’s affair after crushing rejection

EMMERDALE’S On the serial drama, Dan Spencer and Harriet Finch had become closer. When Harriet declines his advances, though, will he reveal her hot secret? yzee.uk investigates this hypothesis.

After Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) forced Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) and his daughter Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) to move out, Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) recently provided them a lifeline. According to Emmerdale spoilers, Dan is going to start gazing romantically at Harriet in upcoming episodes. Could it all, though, come to heartbreak?

When Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) relocated to Home Farm following a disagreement with the police officer over her decision to report the child they were watching, Clemmie Reid (Mabel Addison), to social services, the officer was able to take the couple under her wing.

Dan might have had the false image of Harriet, Dan, and Amelia because everything seems to be going well since they moved in together.

Dan works up the nerve to ask Harriet out for a drink in yet-to-air sequences.

But he will be let down when Harriet doesn’t respond as he had hoped and doesn’t appear to understand his actual emotions at all.

Will he have trouble accepting the rejection and begin to question Harriet’s lack of interest in him?

Actress Katherine revealed to yzee.uk and other media that Will Taylor is still the object of her character’s unresolved love in Harriet (Dean Andrews).

Dan might discover that the two are having an affair behind Kim Tate’s (Claire King) back.

Katherine said, “[Harriet’s] becoming a little bit more involved in Will’s life than she should be.” “That affects [Will’s] forthcoming wedding.

“It’s the last chance saloon; she has to express herself before he walks down the aisle, and then it’s over.

There will be more pyrotechnics even though Harriet isn’t Kim Tate because both of them are independent, strong women.

“We should be doing this on November 5,” she remarked, “sure, they will have their moments.”

Emmerdale legend Later this year, as part of the soap opera’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Kim and Will are expected to get married.

In a dramatic soap opera style, may Dan reveal Harriet’s infidelity as Kim is about to walk down the aisle?

When Harriet informs Dan that she has not been attempting to steal Kim’s man by going behind her back, Dan might wind up wrecking everything for everyone.

Dan’s claims may compel Harriet to evict Dan and Amelia from her house.

It would be a terrible moment for Amelia to be homeless while she is pregnant and Emmerdale viewers are still waiting for the father to be identified.

Dan might perhaps put his love life on hold till his daughter is established and concentrate all of his attention on her until she has birth.

It would be unfortunate if Harriet had to lose ties with Amelia and Dan since she has already been isolated by Dawn and Billy.

Producers of Emmerdale have made suggestions that Amelia gives birth in October, when a storm decimates the community.


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