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Emmerdale’s Harriet Finch to come face to face with Malone’s corpse in storm wreckage

According to a fresh idea by yzee.uk, a character’s corpse will be discovered in a natural disaster, and EMMERDALE “will never be the same again” when a devastating storm tears through the community.

As the soap opera Emmerdale reaches 50 in October, fans are counting down the days till a storm destroys the village. A significant portion of the milestone month will focus on police officer Harriet Finch (played by Katherine Dow Blyton). Will she finally meet a person she buried deep beneath the earth the night of the storm?

Harriet, a former vicar who is now a police officer, has been keeping a lethal secret from Kim Tate, an Emmerdale businesswoman, for years (Claire King).

Viewers of the ITV soap opera will recall that two years earlier, after Detective Inspector Mark Malone (Mark Womack) attempted to attack Dawn Taylor, Harriet buried his body (Olivia Bromley).

Before Kim took care of the ultimate location where he was placed to rest, she had to unearth his body and rebury him at a later time.

Only Kim is aware of where his decaying body is, but may it be discovered when Emmerdale is destroyed by a fierce storm in upcoming scenes?

In response to the question of whether Malone’s body was exposed during the deadly storm in October, Katherine exclusively revealed to yzee.uk: “I think the problem is, after she buried him and reburied him she thought that was it, but obviously, Kim has got her talons involved so Harriet doesn’t actually know where that body is now.

“As far as Harriet is concerned, I have washed my hands of it, but there is still the concern that Kim has learned of this and is aware of Harriet’s role in Malone’s death.

If you assisted in the murder and burial of a man, it will undoubtedly always be there.

“You won’t simply remember that when you wake up one day.

She doesn’t actually physically know where the body is, but it will always be there.

Could his body lie nearby, or did Kim make sure he was interred somewhere other than the Yorkshire Dales?

Katherine threw in: “Hand on heart, I have no idea where Kim hid the body, so it is no longer my concern.

“I have no idea where he is; I buried him with a blanket and six feet of earth in the woods.

So, I’m not sure what happened to him after that.

When Harriet confesses her love to Kim’s soon-to-be husband Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) on their wedding day in October, she is destined to become involved in a love triangle plotline.

Could a betrayed Kim bury Malone’s body in Harriet’s garden as retaliation for her betrayal?

How would Harriet react if, after all this time, she finally met Malone?

Will Kim escape punishment for her part in the crime while she is falsely accused of being responsible for his death?

While Harriet and Dawn defended themselves from Malone, Harriet later buried Malone and lied about it for years. She might receive a life sentence.


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