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How To Use Pinterest Seo

How to Use Pinterest SEO to Boost the amount of traffic to your website

How To Use Pinterest Seo
How To Use Pinterest Seo

If you’re here reading this blog, you’re aware that SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to getting your content the front of people’s eyes when they search organically. But , as a busy person, you don’t have time to spend hours a day to make your content more optimized to be compatible with every platform that exists. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

There are, thankfully, several places where investing just a few minutes can yield immense benefits to your website traffic and conversion rates as Pinterest is definitely one of them.

If you’re keen on boosting the number of visitors to your website take a look at this overview on Pinterest SEO. We’ll discuss what it’s about as well as the reason why it’s so important and how it operates. We’ll then get into the details of getting your website ready to be optimized for Pinterest SEO. We’ll also provide 10 strategies to boost the results. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

What is Pinterest SEO and why is it important?

SEO refers to “search engine optimization,”” which is a factor on any platform that your content could be displayed on search pages, such as social media such as search engines, social media and YouTube. SEO on Pinterest, in particular, is the process of optimizing your profile and your Pins to increase organic traffic to your website. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

Since Pinterest is an online search engine that is visual which means that your Pins will appear on the same page for months. It’s possible to claim the argument that Pinterest can be considered to be the single most significant social network for SEO as it has more time to preserve content than other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

A pin’s life span can last more than 100 times that of Facebook and 400 times longer than Twitter.!

So if you were to pick between several websites to concentrate initially it’s sensible to choose Pinterest. It’s that you’ll likely make the most of your money.

The way Pinterest SEO Functions

If you’ve had the pleasure of hearing about Google SEO Google SEO, then Pinterest SEO is similar to Google SEO, in that both employ specific keywords that make the content appear when people are searching for information. While Google utilizes technical SEO metrics such as the backlinks as well as sitemaps the ranking on Pinterest is more associated with engagement and social shares metrics. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

You could say that Pinterest will happen after Google and Instagram are expecting a child.

When you type in an item, the algorithm of Pinterest displays search results that are based on SEO factors, like: – How To Use Pinterest Seo

  • How relevant is to your inquiry: Does the Pin contain keywords that are related to the topic in the titles or descriptions?
  • Qualitativeness of website linked to (“domain high-quality”): How many items have been pinned from the website? How much traffic and engagement is the site receiving?
  • The quality of the Pinner: How active are you on Pinterest and how are your other posts interacting with other users or saved to their boards? Do you respond or comment with other members?
  • The quality of the Pin itself: How visually appealing is the graphic or image? How recent is the Pin and is it well-known? Does it connect to high-quality content? – How To Use Pinterest Seo

How to Prepare Your Site to be SEO-friendly on Pinterest

Before you get started Pinning before you begin Pinning, you must perform a little housekeeping to ensure that everything runs smoothly. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

1. Create Your Pinterest Business Account

Before doing anything else, be sure you have an account for business so you can access more advanced statistics, an ability to buy ads, as well as the ability to advertise Pins.

To transform your personal account into an enterprise Pinterest account, visit the profile menu and select the Settings >> Account Settings the settings for account > Changes to your accountand then Convert your account. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

If you don’t have an existing Pinterest account (or you’d like to have a separate version that is separate from your personal account) visit this link to create a brand new business account. Be sure to log from your private Pinterest account in your computer before you start.

Click to create an account Follow the steps to upload your profile photo as well as your business’s name, address, as well as other details. The setup screen will ask you to select the type of business you want to run and your primary focus as well as whether you want to use ads (you are able to choose I’m not sure and then decide at a later time). – How To Use Pinterest Seo

2. Connect Your Website

Here’s where it gets little technical, but declaring your website is vital to have full access to analytics on Pinterest pins that are published on your site (by yourself or by others) and also to let users on Pinterest know how to access your other content. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

You can make your website available on Pinterest by adding three options to the backend of your site:

  • The HTML tags
  • A HTML-based file
  • A record in DNS

3. Create Rich Pins (Or a plugin that does this for You)

Applying to rich pins is a fantastic option to increase the visibility of your SEO content. Rich Pins provide additional information which affect the searchability and the enticing nature the Pins.

Instead of a normal Pin, which is only able to hold the information and information that you’ve provided A Rich Pin collects additional details from your website. It doesn’t matter if you’re linking to the blog post or a app, a product, or even a dish, you can use a rich Pin that can help. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

Another option to speedily include Rich Pins to your site is to utilize plugins such as Yoast SEO (an excellent plugin for your site , which you should consider getting anyway). You can access the settings of your plugin to verify your Pinterest connection and then apply the Rich Pins directly from WordPress.

10 Tips to Optimize Pinterest SEO

After your site and Pinterest profile are configured in the way you’d like you want them to be, it’s time to begin making use of Pinterest in its entirety traffic-generating potential. Follow these steps to start your journey in the right direction! – How To Use Pinterest Seo

1. Conduct keyword research on Pinterest

The research of keywords on Pinterest is different from the standard keywords research with Google (especially because there are a lot of tools that aid in Google search engine research but there aren’t any that are specifically designed for Pinterest at this time). – How To Use Pinterest Seo

One of the most effective method to begin is to type the topic into the search bar on Pinterest.

A variety of colored boxes that contain keywords appear in a row across the top. These can be found in Pinterest’s guided searchfeature, which suggests related modifiers to limit your results. I searched for “vegan,” which is an expansive topic that includes a variety of topics. Pinterest recommended terms that were based upon the most frequent searches on the topic, like “recipes,” “breakfasts,” “meals” and “soup.”

It is possible to use this information to decide on the topics you want you want to include on your website and also what keywords are popular to include in your Pins.

Also, make sure you take a look at other websites in your area that rank and check out what they’re up to. A little research on your competitors is always a good idea!

2. Create a keyword-rich profile

Yes it is true that your Pinterest profile should be optimized to show the best results in results from searches. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

You must select a username that is SEO-friendly (since it’ll be part your website’s URL) and then fill out the”About” section by providing your site’s URL, a brief description of your specialization or field of expertise (keep the keywords in your head) and a professional image of your profile or logo.

3. Create boards with main keywords and improve the description of Boards

The algorithm of Pinterest considers the boards you have on your site when it comes to determining how visible you are and the type of content you’re specialized in. So be certain to structure the content you publish in a manner that’s in line with the most the most searched-for keywords within your niche.

For instance, as I am a specialist on business ideas for the lifestyle business sector, I labeled my boards with keywords that are popular like “Lifestyle Business Ideas”,” “Content marketing strategy” along with “Business Ideas for Women.” – How To Use Pinterest Seo

I’ve also designed custom-designed cover images for my boards to create boards that are more visually attractive (and help you understand the content in a glance).

4. Create Keyword-Rich Pins

Did I mention that keywords are crucial? When you give your Pins descriptions and titles Be as precise as you can. Add relevant keywords and emotional words to increase the appeal of your Pins and positive in the places you can. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

Pinterest is an image-based medium, so ensure you use high-quality images. Pinterest is also a fan of vertical Pins So, try to limit your photos at an aspect ratio of 2:1 or 1000x1500px.

In terms of the pictures’ content make sure you use high-contrast and bright colors to create a visual impact. Pins stand out. Make sure to include text on your images by using graphic design tools such as Photoshop or Canva! – How To Use Pinterest Seo

5. Create multiple images for the same post

Did you know that you can link this URL in multiple pins using different pictures? Pinterest is a fan of new content and allows users to focus on multiple keywords using the same content. -How To Use Pinterest Seo

If you’re pinning an article on your site such as a blog, then create similar images by pulling photos from the post and adding the text (and altering the dimensions of the images) using your preferred graphic design software.

Then, transform each image into then, each image will become a Pin which links back to the original post. Utilize different keyword-rich headlines along with descriptions to each of the Pins.

6. Pin Consistently, Many Times per Day

It’s a bit overwhelming to think that you have to pin often throughout the throughout the day. However, if you create your Pins in batches and employ an automated scheduling tool it won’t take that long, particularly because you’ll be Pinning the same URL multiple times, with different images as well as posting your Pin on various boards. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

Additionally don’t assume that every Pin you pin needs to be original to you. A good rule of thumb is to use the 80/20 rule and The majority of your pins should be re-Pinning content from others which you believe will benefit your readers. The remaining 20 percent of your pins must to be original content.

Regarding the frequency of your Pinning it’s better to maintain consistency than Pinning often in sporadic periods of time. If you are able, consider beginning by pins that range from 5-30 pins each day.

The most effective timings to Pin are during times when your followers are active, so the most effective option is to review your personal Pinterest analytics to find specific information. In most niches, however you should publish on Saturday mornings and stay clear of Pinning during working hours.

If you’re wondering how on Earth you’ll manage to pin several times a day, the answer is make use of an application (like Tailwind, Buffer or Later) to plan your weekly pins in one go. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

7. Join Group Boards

While it is important to always be active with Pinterest by following other people in your area, leaving comments upon Pins as well as responding to feedback made on your Pins It is possible to increase your involvement in the community through joining an Group board. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

These boards are collaborative, meaning that several Pinners provide content to match the theme that is on the board. It’s an excellent way to reach out to new audience members! Utilize search tools such as the PinGroupie to locate community boards that are relevant to your area of expertise.

8. Make use of Tailwind Tribes (Now Tailwind Communities)

I utilize Tailwind Communities to discover great content to post to my social media. Tailwind is an analytical and scheduling tool for Pinterest and offers an option called “Communities” as an additional feature that permits Pinners to search for certain terms or hashtags. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

If you’re looking to plan all of your planned Pins in advance, Tailwind Communities is a excellent way to locate high-quality content in a matter of minutes.

Search by visual is becoming a key element across all the search engines which includes Google and more particularly Pinterest. Making use of high-quality, clear images that relate to your content or brand could help you find you more quickly. – How To Use Pinterest Seo

Take a look at Pinterest Lens to find the most popular images that can be used to inspire your Pins.

10. Get more engaged!

The last but not last, engagement should always be your primary goal. Similar to any SEO environment increasing engagement will increase the visibility of your website. Be sure to:

  • Share Pins on other websites.
  • Let people know how easy it is to share your content with top-quality and captivating Pins.
  • Re-Pin other users.
  • Follow relevant boards and account.
  • Respond to comments made on your Pins.
  • Comment on other user’s Pins.

Pinterest SEO Could Be a Game-changer for Your Website Traffic

Although diving into the vast world of SEO can be a bit overwhelming but there are some websites where investing a bit in SEO good practices could get you quite a distance.

Pinterest can be one of these platforms. With its rapid growth as a image search engine Pinterest has a huge audience as well as a lengthy time-span for content, which is great news for those who use it!

Check to ensure that you’ve optimized your Pinterest profile and linked it to your website. Then begin creating quality, keyword-rich pins and boards that will satisfy Pinterest’s Pinterest algorithm. Utilize scheduling tools and Pinterest communities to simplify your life and to find high-quality content to post to your account.

After you’ve mastered the basics, Pinterest can be a real gold mine for traffic to your site!


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