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Soap spoilers: Coronation Street death shock, EastEnders Janine pregnant Emmerdale betrayal

Next week will be full of danger as many of the best in the soap opera genre face potentially fatal circumstances.

Gary Windass’ life is in danger on Coronation Street after Kelly Neelan decides to have him killed in the same location where he killed her father three years ago.

However, Kelly is in for more drama as she finds herself on a building’s roof as a gunshot is fired, putting a number of beloved Corrie characters in danger of dying.

Sid Sumner, a Hollyoaks character, finds himself in a terrifying situation as his former drug lord Victor Brothers reveals his true self while visiting a funeral for his mother.

Janine Butcher is expecting Mick Carter’s child over in EastEnders! However, how exactly will Mick or Linda react to the news?

And in Emmerdale, Liam Cavanagh shares his struggles with Leyla with his ex-girlfriend Bernice Blackstock over a passionate kiss.

I did not anticipate that.

Another must-watch soap opera week is in store, and yzee.uk is there to bring you all the latest gossip.

Coronation Street

When Kelly is called to the police station to identify her kidnapper, she acts as though she doesn’t recognize Kieron when he is presented to her. But after that, she comes up to Kieron and offers him £10,000 to murder Gary!

At Kelly and Aadi’s engagement party, Gary makes some touching remarks about how much he and Maria have cherished having Kelly in their lives. However, Kelly informs him that she is aware that he murdered her father before leaving. When Gary chases her, Kieron knocks him out and throws him into a van. Gary is led to the spot where he killed Rick by Kieron and his sidekick, who then order him to dig his own grave while brandishing a gun.

Gary then informs Aadi that Kelly is seriously endangered. Meanwhile, Kelly is led by Kieron onto the roof of a defunct mill, where he reveals his plans to kill her and accuse her of killing Gary. Kelly is discovered on the roof by Gary and Aadi, and the former instructs Kieron to murder him. Who is hit when a shot is fired?

David believes the sinkhole is about to reopen, so the Platts intend to leave while Leo completes a thorough investigation. Leo notices Stephen’s discomfort when Audrey suggests they all stay with her. Leo tells Jenny that he finds Stephen to be rather peculiar, as if he were concealing something.


The day of Linda’s meeting with her brief coincides with Janine’s surprise day trip for Mick. Janine suggests Mick go support Linda because she knows she will gain from Linda’s success in court, but Linda’s hopes are dashed.

Due to her frequent fainting, Janine believes she and Scarlett share a virus. But the doctor lets slip that she’s expecting! When Linda learns how much Mick spent on her new attorney, she confides in Sharon about her feelings for Mick. She then gets ready to declare her love for Mick, but will she be able to do so?

As Ash confronts Dotty about what she did to Vinny, things become tense. Rocky and Vinny break up the fight, but an enraged Vinny loses his cool and shocks Rocky by revealing that he is Dotty’s real father!

Shirley is informed by Frankie that she has been invited to move to Scotland with the family of the girl she tutors at school. But how exactly will Mick react to the news?


Leyla confides in Priya that she is worried about her marriage. As Liam leans in for a kiss with Bernice, he vents to her and old emotions resurface. He refuses to inform Leyla of what occurred despite Bernice’s insistence that he do so. Bernice, on the other hand, assumes Leyla is aware of it and unintentionally steps on it, spilling the beans. What will Leyla do?

When Amelia learns that Dan made Noah break up with her, she is furious and decides to leave. Meanwhile, Noah assures Amelia that he will support her no matter what, and the two then share their first kiss. Dan, on the other hand, is offended by their outward display of affection and lashes out, but quickly realizes that he has only alienated his daughter further.

After a drunken afternoon, Faith and Eric drive a stolen golf cart back into the village. Faith is having the time of her life and is grateful to be spending as much time as she can with Pollard.


To prove to everyone in attendance that he has changed, Victor asks Sid to go with him to his mother’s funeral. He accepts Victor’s request because he thinks Victor has atoned for his sins, much to Juliet’s horror. After the funeral, Victor’s true colors are exposed when his escape plan is put into action and poor Sid is kidnapped!

Juliet puts herself in immediate danger, and the teenagers once more find themselves at Victor’s mercy. Sid is coerced back into the world of drug dealing by Victor, who enjoys being in charge again and is eager for history to repeat itself. Victor assures Sid that if he fails his mission, Juliet will perish.

Nadira struggles to express her love for Juliet in public. While this is going on, Donna-Marie locks Juliet and Peri in the locker rooms at the gym with the intention of bringing them back together.

As Silas’ threats continue to terrorize the family, Mercedes decides to flee with Bobby, but things are about to take a worrying turn.


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