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Coronation Street fans ‘figure out’ Audrey Roberts will be ‘electrocuted’ by son Stephen

Viewers of CORONATION STREET believe Audrey Roberts will be “electrocuted” by her son Stephen Reid in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap.

Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) of Coronation Street has been having a difficult time on the ITV soap. She recently turned to alcohol to cope with her mental health issues, and she even attempted suicide in tragic scenes. Fans are now concerned that the Cobbles character will be killed by her son Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce).

Stephen, the son of salon owner Audrey and Geoff Masters, recently returned to the cobblestones.

The character has been in financial difficulty and has even used his wife’s credit card to fund his extravagant lifestyle. Corrie fans believe he has only returned to Weatherfield to claim Audrey’s inheritance.

How far will Stephen go to get his mother to give him what he wants?

Audrey attempted suicide in heartbreaking scenes on the ITV soap as she struggled with her mental health.

She is now on antidepressants and has admitted to her loved ones that she has been struggling.

Her mood improved dramatically after watching Monday night’s episode of the serial drama with her friends over afternoon tea.

Stephen also appeared to be concerned about his mother and checked in on her to ensure she was okay.

Fans, on the other hand, believe he had ulterior motives and was just acting.

“I can see Stephen sabotaging something in the salon to electrocute Audrey,” @VampLover27 speculated.

“Stephen is hanging around until he can bleed poor Audrey dry #Corrie,” Michelle Jones added.

Carl Traill wrote, “Why do I have the feeling Stephen is going to kill Audrey for her money?”

“I think Audrey might die on the first day of the salon #Corrie,” Georgia speculated.

@Spartacus2906 tweeted: “Stephen appears to be disappointed that Audrey is not dying… What a piece of scum! #Corrie.”

Dernali stated: “Stephen makes me uneasy. He’s going to murder Audrey #Corrie.”

Sue, who plays Audrey, talked about her character’s plot and the loneliness that the older generation feels.

“I can relate to Audrey,” she said. “I live alone and value my independence, and it is difficult for her (Audrey) to have people attempting to take it away.”

“It’s not about whether Audrey drinks too much or not,” she went on. It’s about her attempting to maintain her independence. I am only a few years Audrey’s junior, and I am also a lady on my own.”

Sue’s husband, Mark Eden, who played the villainous Alan Bradley in Coronation Street, died last year at the age of 61.


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