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Coronation Street spoilers: Ken Barlow’s new love confirmed as he makes sacrifice

Ken Barlow wants to be more intimate with Wendy Crozier, but he has been warned to remove her from his Roxanna play. Will his new relationship last?

ITV soap opera Coronation Street legend Ken Barlow (William Roache) and Wendy Crozier (Roberta Kerr) have been getting closer lately. Longtime viewers of the soap opera will recall that Ken got married to Deirdre Barlow after having an affair with her secretary Wendy (Anne Kirkbride). Wendy has returned to Weatherfield and Deirdre has passed away, so Ken has been spending more time with Wendy. Will they formally declare their union?

Ken will be required to make a sacrifice as he makes his true feelings for Wendy clear, according to official soap opera spoilers.
While working on the Roxanna script in the cafĂ©, Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) accuses Ken of exaggerating Wendy’s role.

Brian claims that Ken is favoring Wendy because he likes her, but the author disputes this.

Ken is informed that Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) is on the verge of quitting the play, so it’s obvious Brian has hit a nerve.

In an effort to disp

el any suggestions of favoritism, Ken asks Nigel to help Wendy with her monologue.

Ken is trying to avoid being biased, but Wendy is obviously upset that he ignored her.

Ken conceals his emotions as he agrees to Nigel’s confession that he wants to ask Wendy out to dinner.

But when Wendy learns that Ken was the one who suggested Nigel ask Wendy out, she is left perplexed.

Wendy finally has enough and makes her way to Number One where she confronts Ken and demands to know his true feelings.

When Ken admits he has feelings for Wendy but decided not to admit it while working on the play, Wendy is shocked.

She acknowledges that she understands his sentiments and longs to be his friend.

Wendy makes the announcement that she will leave her role in Roxanne in order to avoid causing conflict in their relationship.

Will Tracy accept Wendy into their family if her father wants to move on with Wendy?

Tracy isn’t known for being forgiving, so it’s unlikely that Wendy will encounter a warm reception from her.

Followers will have to wait and see whether Ken and Wendy’s romance will endure or if it will end quickly.

Will Mary finally get her chance to shine in Ken’s play, or will Wendy be replaced as the lead character?

Now that Wendy is by his side, hopefully Ken won’t care if Roxanne is a complete failure.

Because Tracy Barlow, Ken’s stepdaughter, isn’t the biggest fan of Wendy, the new couple will undoubtedly encounter additional conflict (Kate Ford).

Tracy was furious when she discovered that Ken had betrayed her mother Deirdre when she was a teenager.


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